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Songs in the Key of David- 12

Although there are literally dozens and dozens of songs I think of David applying his magic to, I am most impressed with the soulful side of David. It’s not often enough for me that he’s given an opportunity to explore that side...

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Songs in the Key of David- 10

I’ve always loved this song, but hadn’t heard it since B.D. (before David). So when it came on the radio the other day, I immediately superimposed every phrase with David’s voice. The soulful yearning, the swells, slow build and...

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Songs in the Key of David- 9

  Yes this song has been covered about 5o times, so what harm would there be in one more? I love this song and the soaring “awaaaayyyy.” Just the thought of a David Archuleta  ” just walk awaaayyyy Renee”...

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Songs in the Key of David- 7

I think David would do more than just do justice to this song.  His way of “feeling and making us feel” the emotions, sensations, and heart of a song would make this song gorgeous.  I kind of think that this is how...

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Songs in the Key of David- 6

This song is one of my all time favorites. I think it is perfect for David. It is not overdone, it is natural and organic. And ……(David is kind of mystical anyway.) ~betsy       Into the Mystic – by Van...

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Songs in the Key of David- 4

There isn’t anything special about these lyrics in terms of an association with David. For me, this is all about the melody, the voice, the sound – and how David might sound singing this. Enjoy! -Marlie In The Air...

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Songs in the Key of David- 3

Hey! I don’t comment too often, although I read every day, and I can’t resist suggesting a song I’d love to see David cover. I looked around a bit, discarded a few and hit upon one that I think would be...

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Songs in the Key of David-2

Entry Number: 2 This song is my latest obsession because I can’t get the vision of David singing it out of my head.  It’s by Jeff Beck featuring Imogen Heap (one of the few people David follows on Twitter).  The song...

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