David Archuleta screencap-rootstech
Last night David took center stage at RootsTech 2015, a Family History conference held in Salt Lake City each year. Fans have been waiting a long time to see a performance by David that didn’t include Christmas songs! (Although, we love those, too!)

First, David released the long-awaited Spanish Video that was shot in Costa Rica last fall. The song was written by David, in collaboration with Alex Menesio, and filmed by the Family History group to encourage young Latinos to get involved in their own family history. Love hearing David sing in Spanish!


Next David sang a song by Justin Timberlake, called Mirror.


Want to hear David talk for a while (I always do!), then watch this next video. This is an older, wiser David. There is much that is consistent with who we remember, the David that likes to ramble a bit, but also a more confident and more interesting David. I’m loving who he is.


We got to hear David sing “Glorious” and many fans are saying it is the best version yet. What do you think?


There were some nice surprises, too!

When David released Don’t Run Away while he was gone, we all said, “Ooh, I hope we get to hear that live someday!”  And now we can…


The same was said when we heard about the Spanish video, and saw those tiny snippets of the song on Instagram.  We learned that David co-wrote this song. And again, our wishes have been granted!

David Archuleta and Studio C lip-sync contest RootsTech


And lastly, we saw David lip-syncing to Van Halen’s “Jump.” Ninja David seemed to be having a lot of fun as he acted out the words, lip-syncing and “jumping” on stage. I love to see that part of him – playful, happy, almost mischievous.


We’ve waited a long time for what i think this performance represents. David is back – new, refreshed, but with that amazing voice even stronger and more beautiful. Can’t wait for more!