From Orla Fallon’s Website

Orla Is Taping A Christmas Special For PBS On September 2

Where has the summer gone?  The past few months have just flown by and I can’t believe that it’s mid-August already. It was nice that we actually had some lovely weather here this year which makes a pleasant change from all the rain of summers past.

I really enjoyed my two solo gigs here both down in Tipp and in Dublin at The NCH. Thanks so much to everyone who came along and I’m really looking forward to Tinahely on September 18. It will be lovely to perform on home turf .

I also have some very exciting news to announce in that I am filming two PBS Specials in September. It’s been hard to keep the news quiet, but I’m delighted that I can at last tell you that the first will be filmed at the beautiful Polk Theatre in Nashville on September 2. It’s a Christmas Show and I am thrilled to announce that I will be joined by former Celtic Woman Meav and American Idol sensation David Archuleta. It will be the first time for Meav and I to perform together since our CW days so it will be very special. We are both really excited about working with David, who is an extraordinary talent.

We aren’t selling tickets for the taping, but we do have some available for those of you who will be in the Nashville area on September 2. If you are interested in tickets, please click here to send an email request (or send it to with your name, mailing address and phone number before August 25th and we will fulfill as many requests as possible while supplies last. For those of you who can make it to the show please remember that it is a Christmas show and to dress in the appropriate seasonal attire and colors.

And Maev confirms it on her website

Méav is delighted to announce that she will be performing in a new Christmas TV special for PBS. The concert reunites Méav with her former Celtic Woman colleague Orla Fallon, who is presenting this collection of Christmas classics. Orla’s other guest for the evening is the gifted young singer David Archuleta of American Idol fame. The TV special will be filmed in the Polk Theater, Nashville, Tennessee on September 2nd at 7pm. If you would like to be part of the invited audience for this private performance, there are limited free tickets available. Please click here to send an email request with your name, mailing address and phone number before August 25th. Please state on the request that you are coming as a guest of Méav. We will fulfill as many requests as possible while supplies last. As it is a Christmas show, please dress for winter weather and look festive! The show will be airing in December 2010.
So what do you think?  Will David be singing songs from Christmas from the Heart, or something entirely new?  A duet? A triplet? It truly doesn’t matter because David can sing anything!