OK, I am the first one to admit it. Asking me to review one of David Archuletaʼs songs from the new CD is like asking the chocoholic “which piece of the Godiva assortment would you like?” Duh… Sure LIFE is like a box of chocolates and you donʼt always know what you are going to get but we are not talking about life here. We are talking about the music that comes out of the person we have all known and loved for the last few years. We know he does no wrong…musically.  Well, at least in my book. So read this with that in mind.

I am a crazy fan who loves every cut on the CD… a lot! Why did I choose this song to review? Nothing to do with the lyrics although Iʼll give you my two cents on that. It had all to do with the voice and the music… from the yeah, yeahs in the beginning (a trademark that is pure David) to the way he says “baby” to that timbre that is now ever so recognizable. Canʼt you admit that if you are out somewhere and hear the first note of David, you perk up just like a dog hearing the dog whistle that we humans donʼt hear! Itʼs the timbre of that voice. Clear and distinctive. This song exemplifies it in a big way for me.

I will also admit to a bit of an aversion of reviews. I have never been one to dissect lyrics , wonder “what did he mean by THAT?” tempting as it might be. I have a tendency to want just listen…absorb the beat of the song, the  instrumentation (or lack of, in many brilliant tunes he has produced) the feeling I get from it… While it may be great to totally analyze every verse, the chorus, the bridge, figuring out what the intent was, what is happening to produce  those lyrics, etc., we will never really know. We can suppose and assume but it is never more than that.

Songwriting even with collaboration, is a personal experience. I have been working with a songwriter helping a friend of mine get out a demo disc and it has given me more perspective on the process. Putting out an assumed message that could be totally different in Davidʼs mind is, in my opinion, not beyond the Archulator. Iʼll just let you chew on that one without further analysis!

But I digress into Archuletafog… I am supposed to be writing about this song in particular. “Complain” for me, while a pop tune had a definite country slant to it. I could easily hear Keith Urban or better yet, Darius Rucker doing a cover of this tune. Listen to Dariusʼ new CD and see if you donʼt agree with me. This is one strong reason that I was drawn to this. Not overproduced, clean and simple, good runs and sustained notes from the incomparable voice. Just pure  Archuleta.

Lyrically there is nothing really challenging here. “I canʼt complain”, I can imagine, is a mantra of Davidʼs on a daily basis. Hearing him say “Baby I canʼt complain” is a whole other twist as I doubt he hardly ever says “baby”! Makes it even better. I am going to bet the farm that they spent much more time on the sound than the lyrics on this one. Sure he may complain but more than likely it was because someone else didnʼt get what they needed or someone else was put out for some reason. You know, David.

Not a technical review… More of a rambling. But I forewarned you! Somethings you canʼt just pull apart too much. Music is one of those things for me. Especially coming from David. For me and the entire CD, I just canʼt complain.

Well, maybe I can about one little detail… When is the CD TOUR???


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