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Constitution Fair Information

Fresh from his successful, epic tour of Asia, David Archuleta is doing a full concert in Arizona for his fans on the American Continent! This event is attended by tens of thousands each year as a celebration of the US Constitution. There will be awesome exhibits, lots to do and most importantly, there will be Daaavvviiiid!!! So much love was shown to him by fans in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Let’s show him he is just as welcome by fans in his own country. Come join us and Celebrate him home! As the above post from the Constitution Week site states, the show starts at 6pm, gates will not open until 5pm. David will be on at 8pm followed by even MORE fireworks!

It’s gonna be LIVE from beginning to end and you.know.what.he’ performance.


There was a post by SweetonDA, who is from Arizona, that triggered an email from Sandybeaches (making a serious offer, she can share that part if she’d like) that put me in contact with Barbara Stowell, a most amazing woman from Constitution Week. This put things in motion that have brought an exciting opportunity for all of David’s fans. Many David fans have contacted her regarding the Constitution event, including me, so because of this she came up with a great idea for us fans; I can’t thank her enough and team David for giving us the greenlight!

A donation of $25 will guarantee you entrance to the event and a seat in an area set up for fans close to the stage!  She asked if I thought the fans would be interested I said yes and volunteered to distribute wristbands and collect the donations  :)

The event starts at 6:00pm and they will have a designated area to line up.  Remember that it will still be very warm so be prepared.

Let us know if you are going, what your plans are, or any ideas you may have to give David a great welcome.  Seriously, let’s make it happen! Roses to stomp, balloons, posters, or whatever we can come up with.  Seeing a lot of folks wearing wristbands would be awesome as he would know they were fans.

You will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope with a money order made out to: ConstitutionWeekUSA

If you are interested send an email to “” and we will provide you with the address to where you send your donation to obtain a fan seat wristband.


Djafan has been in contact again with Barbara Stowell of Constitution Fair to update her.  Barbara  made a small request that folks wear red, white and blue to the event on Saturday in keeping with the spirit of the festivities!  Will try to get this message out to all the sites and twitter.  I wonder if that goes for David too?  That works for me!

For more information: Come September, David Archuleta in Arizona