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Yes, we know it is silly… Yes, we know it can drive us crazy…

And I quite agree: it really doesn’t amount to anything as prestigious as the Grammys or Billboard; or as rewarding as a titlist of a singing competition… It is fluff, it is tedious and in all probability the object of our affection does not even care about it, whether he is actively in showbiz or in hiatus.

But it is supposed to be fun and a way to get Archies come together.

So what’s in a title? What does it mean to be 1st Pinoy’s Foreign Act Newsmaker of the Year?

Logically? NADA. Intrinsically? It’s the principle of the thing.

The simple truth is, for 2012 in Manila, David was THE Foreign Act Newsmaker of the Year. For 38 days during the 1st quarter of 2012, The Archuletor was all over Manila. TV, radio, newspaper, online – you name it, he was a media magnet.

His Manila stint even went global — trending worldwide for lengths of time.

Nandito Ako, David Archuleta, 59 WW Twitter Trends thanks to McKenzie Harris

And international Archies had been active participants in this experience! Spending late night / early morning vigils – depending on which side of the globe you are located – just to catch up on the livestream of a local mini-series. But not before we endure the pirouetting of Willie’s dancers and seemingly endless commercials of the lead-in gameshow, WTBT – bahahahahaha!

Even just for the simple fact that David learned a Tagalog song and interpreted it like he is a true-blue Pinoy himself should take the cake… and the bacon… heck, throw in the enchiladas and the spicy nachos!

There should not even be a contest about it. Of course, am biased ๐Ÿ˜‰

Buuut there is this silly poll. And there is an equally driven, if not more fanatic (yes! we have met our match!) group of fans propelling their beloved candidate to the top spot. Can’t blame them. It’s the nature of the beast. We have ODD. They have their.. whatever, LOL.

David DESERVES the title. That’s the source of my passion for this. And am not saying that if you do not share my passion, then you are not a good Archie! Has nothing to do with it.

Considering that since mid-January, David had been on top this poll, to lose it in the final stretch of the game is I think a shameful waste of everyone’s energy and time.

Last Saturday, he was leading by 146,000. We lost all that today ๐Ÿ™

Of course there is the Superbowl. And Musiqtone. And our personal commitments and responsibilities. Or perhaps online voting is just not your thing– especially drawn out polls like this one A whole lot of other stuff that outweighs a silly tedious little poll.

But I never figured Archies to be quitters. Especially if we recognize that all it takes is a concerted effort if the go-getters like us are properly informed and primed.

SO: how do we make this a bit more interesting??


1. The 1st 25 Archies who put up 5,000 votes on Twitter will each get EITHER

* an 8-disc set of David Archueta’s Journey in Manila 2012 (DAJIM). It is my personal collection of David’s 38-day stay in Manila from arrival to departure in glorious HD DVD format.

* OR an HD copy of Season 7 DVD. Winners can choose between the two.

I did a time and motion study on this and 100 votes is doable under 15 minutes. So 5,000 in the next 8 or 9 days? PEANUTS!

2. Tweets should be in this format:


@ELifestyleBlog #TELPinoyNewsmaker I Vote for DAVID ARCHULETA for FOREIGN ACT NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR #xxxx #NoMatterHowFarDavidArchuleta


3. If you have reached 5,0000 tweets, email me at [email protected] so I can verify the time and date, under your username.

4. Re-tweets are not counted.

5. Incentive period runs from 6pm Feb 5 and ends midnight Feb 13.

6. What is the “#xxxx” in the twit message? That’s the counter to guide us both as to how many you have twitted. For example #200, if that is 200 tweet you have sent. Of course this means if you have been voting prior to the incentive run, you need to re-set your counter back to 1 at 6pm Feb 5, ok?

7. The hashtag #NoMatterHowFarDavidArchuleta is optional. But the counter is mandatory.

8. Why Twitter? Cos it is the voting channel that we can easily monitor individual contribution.


9. Due to copyright restrictions, I have to rescind the incentive for the NA DVD. Sorry guys. Tried pushing the edge but there are more important considerations at stake. So I hope this doesn’t deter the twitter voters. INSTEAD THIS IS THE NEW BONUS INCENTIVE, the highest twitterer, going beyond the 5K tweets will get BOTH DVD sets above! additional set of NA DVD Yes the whole series and yes in HD format as well!.


10. As soon as we reach the 1 MILLION MARK for David, every 25,000 incremental votes on top of the 1 MIL will be equivalent to 1 set of DAJIM 2012 or AIS7 DVD, to be raffled off to participants of this game.

11. Since I have no way of verifying who voted or not, we will just have to go by honesty or honor system in this case ๐Ÿ™‚ Post here at TDC, tweet me @jackryan4DA or just email me your name at [email protected], to say you want to be included in the EL Poll Daddy raffle.


Want to own the last shirt @DavidArchie wore during Nandito Ako Final episode? See pic below!

When we reach 1.250 million at Poll Daddy, this shirt will be the final raffle item to all those who want to participate. The top 25 twitter voters will automatically be entered in the raffle with 2 stubs in, doubling their chances of winning!

12. The list of possible recipients will be published here and from where we will draw the winners.

13. This is open to all Archies, NO MATTER HOW FAR.

14. All DVDs & the shirt will be mailed to lucky winners, ASAP.

15. Remember this incentive starts on 6pm Feb 5 and ends midnight Feb 13, Manila time.
~ jackryan4DA


ps: The Nandito Ako Finale Scene Shirt or what I call the “kite-flying” shirt, in all its glory! What would it take for you to own it, I wonder?
DA finale shirt