Via Janey and FOD:

Quick backstory: Jim Cantiello tweeted tonight from backstage at MTV after the Hope for Haiti Now telethon.  MTV producers met up with David Archuleta, who gave an impromptu mini-concert for the camera backstage.  This video will be posted on Monday to

Jim is such a good sport and kind fanboy to David fans for keeping us up-to-date and having fun with us, that a mini “Cupcakes for Jim” campaign began via Twitter!  But TOFan from Snowangelz had a great idea.  Why not send Jim a picture of a cupcake and donate the money raised to Haitian relief?  PERFECT!  MomJulee quickly organized how to donate and here we are.

Simply put, if you would love to donate for Haitian relief in Jim Cantiello’s and David Archuleta’s name in the form of a virtual cupcake, please donate via the CrushMS PayPal account!  The email for that PayPal is The fantastic thing about PayPal is that you can donate $2.50 (the cost of a fancy-schmancy cupcake at a chi-chi cupcake shop ) or $250 quickly and easily.

If you’d like to “buy” Jim and David a virtual, charitable cupcake, please make your donation by THIS MONDAY, January 25, 10 a.m. ET. MomJulee will then make the donation to Hope for Haiti, which benefits several organizations including the Red Cross, Yele, Clinton/ and others.  Please visit Hope for Haiti Now for more information.

David has the most amazing and GOOFY fans.  This little impromptu project is yet another example of people who care about David trying to emulate his morals and work ethic in whatever way they can.  Good times…