Sometimes you may never know how you could touch others. In David’s case, he may never know in full how much he has impacted others. This is one example.

‘Nuff said 😉

I’m sharing my other signed books from National Book Store. David Archuleta signed this for me and my daughters. Confession, we don’t really know who he is. When Sophia saw that he signed this for us, she thought I knew him personally. Days later she said her friend in school had photos of him in her bag. I told them the story is about this young man’s journey to fame – how he tried and gave his best along the way.

Last weekend, Sophia auditioned for a solo part in her school musical. I was amazed. She’s never taken voice lessons but she has this incredible singing voice – very tender and sweet. Soprano. She’s not an extrovert/performer. So the fact that she had the will to try was a big thing. Could it have been the David Archuleta book?

The theatre teacher talked to us, “She’s never taken voice lessons huh?” Then I said, “No. But she really wanted to audition. So we took her here.” (Proud mama. The fact that she had the guts to sing alone and practice for days. She’s a quiet girl. Showing up and trying was as good as getting the part.)

The teacher encouraged us to get her a voice coach. We are still thinking/talking about it. Right now she’s committed to ice skating.

Daphne Oseña-Paez, Manila TV host & producer, business woman, wife & mother

~ JR

ps: thanks to Lorms for finding Daphne’s blog 🙂