Jampacked M&G for TheArchuletor @ SM Megamall (photo credit: SonyMusic Phils.

Team NAIA Meets Up with Team MEGA

For this year, Manila Archies didn’t form Team Hotel. When the M&G schedule was confirmed, what was obvious and more pressing was to have a Team MEGA! Considering that an honest-to-goodness M&G has been an elusive wish for Pinoy fans since DALIM1, all Archie fan clubs went into full promo gear.

Archuleta Philippines & Architects distributed leaflets, hiked the radio requests, pumped up the twitter send-outs; PinoyArchies enjoined fans via ticket promos, text blasts & coordinated with Archuleta Philippines for Team NAIA. A number of fans sponsored the banners used for the NAIA convoy (waving to Macy & Naree of Archuleta Philippines!) while some enterprising fans even went to the extent of distributing CDs to fastfood restaurants, shopping centers and other high traffic venues!

The concert sponsors ran at least 7 major M&G promos plus 4 more concert ticket give-aways which the fans all lapped up.

The motto seemed to be – David: here, there & everywhere

So when TeamNAIA finally converged with TeamMEGA during arrival day, the turn out was no surprise 🙂

One Hot MEGA Day for the Fans

Third time was indeed the charm cos not only did the promoters and sponsors ensure that the Meet & Greet was all about David’s fans, they offered not just one, but two more CD signing/M&G events.

If that is not an indication of the demand for David in Manila, I don’t know what else is 🙂

David was delayed by numerous interviews held at the hotel. Plus he got his own mini meet & greet with the M&G hosts, Andi & Jessica from Magic 89.9 and his front act Julie Ann San Jose

Meeting his front act, Julie Anne San Jose

Pre-M&G meeting with Andi Manzano, M&G host

The Magic 89.9 DJ tandem of Andi & Jessica hosted the event. They regaled the fans with contests and quizzes. There was also entertainment that afternoon by way of two female singers who so wisely included David in their spiels. Funny that we could have front acts for a meet & greet but what do I know? This was the only time I ever got involved in a fan’s day!

David was in full Manila Archies appreciation-mode. Even if he literally just landed Philippine soil, he serenaded his fans with Stand By Me. Net effect: HYSTERIA.

Here’s a full coverage of the M&G by OrangeMagazineTV

CD signing p1 by FreeProd

CD signing p2 by FreeProd

CD signing p23 by FreeProd

Here’s my coverage but it is still processing – internet is not being friendly for the last 3 days 🙁 Finally! my upclose footage of the M&G

MORE M&G-related videos:

Footage from the other side of the mall thanks to Vee

International Archies join the fun — shown here, Vee from Australia; Shu Yee & Trace Ho from Malaysia

Press Coverage

Why David Archuleta Loves Returning to Manila @ ChikaMinute/24Oras News (17 July 2011)

Magic 89.9’s Andi & Jessica Closed Door Interview with David Archuleta (17 July 2011)

What did I take away from this M&G, aside from the excitement of sharing the moment with co-Archies?

  • A warm handshake! His hands are really huge! And manly, too 🙂 Palms are not the softee type. Firm grip.
  • A brief talk. (1) Got to thank him for his music; (2) Mentioned he has plenty of international fans in Manila for his M&G and concert and (3) Told him to always take care. I dunno whether he understood all what I said but he looked me straight in the eye (gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!) while I was talking. I wanted to look away but those eyes could really pull you in…YA KNOW??? Thank goodness it was time for him to sign.
  • A good soaking in that mega-watt smile & the sweetest thank you I have every heard (Have I mentioned that he really looked good upclose? GAH!)
  • And of course the take-home prize

Special Interviews

01 Kat’s Interview w/ DA where he sings The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

This interview was done at Shangri-la for Kat’s win in the promo of a music store in Manila last July 17, 2011. The man holding the camera didn’t know at first that the camera was on. So will just see backs of people, feet and floor. He was holding camera for the next interview. Later in the video you get glimpses of David. David sings a few lines of The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” at 3:56 and a little more at 6:28- 6:36

02 Kat’s full interview sponsored by Astroplus

03 Teaser to NareeJo’s Interview w/ David

04 Naree’s Full Length Interview sponsored by Odyssey


01 M&G Pix from various sources

02 Feast on this set of M&G photos – muchos gracias to naughty, naughty maecy who was holding out on us for this looooooooooong!!!!

03 Scrumptious M&G SM Megamall Photos from Naree


Postscript #1: Since this recap is super delayed, some of you must be wondering if I was able to join the M&G. Truth be told, I almost did not. Real life commanded attention but “true love” for TheArchuletor (in a non-creepy way, of course) found a way.

Yes, I was able to meet & talk to him briefly.
Yes, I was able to shake his hands
Yup! got my CD/DVD signed
And I even got to chat with Mr. Jeff Archuleta 😉

If I have to share one thing Jeff & I talked about – it was about how incredulous they are of the amount of support David gets from Manila. He said that just the airport welcome alone amazes them no end.

Since Team Airport is something very close to my heart, I am tickled pink hearing about this. I cannot over emphasize with my co-Archies the significance of the Team Airport initiative in terms of spirit and marketing value.

One thing though: Since we were able to talk to David’s team inside the airport that there was a considerable crowd outside waiting to welcome him, they were prepared to return the greetings. They intended to lower their car windows- which I saw for myself when we were still in the Arrival Area. But when a portion of the crowd surged towards the car as it passed by the throngs of Archies – which of course was a no-no as per my orientation with them (eyes roll towards the sky) — Mr. Bodyguard had to step in and bolt the windows shut.

Postscript #2: Also heard that Ovation was impressed with the support and organization the various clubs gave. The distribution of flyers,radio campaign and the press mileage from the airport welcome helped promote the concert 🙂 Note to Ovation – would be good for you to check the historical timeline of local fan clubs…

Postscript #3: I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ascphil for securing a good seat for me at the M&G without going through the ordeal of falling in line as early as 6am – yes that’s how early some fans went to Megamall to secure a spot at the M&G! Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Anna! 😉

Postscript #4After the M&G, some Archies gathered in one place to eat (my 1st meal of the day!) and swap stories. You can feel the great energy of the group. Then I noticed Vee kept on taking out stuff from my hair, my face, my shoulder, my chest, etc… WT?!

Me: What are you doing?
Vee: Dear, you have sparklers all over you…
Me: Sparklers?
Vee: Confetti. I think, from the airport welcome? (giggling)
Me: You mean I faced David with confetti all over me??!!?? (God, let not this be a case of – Lettuce Boy, meet Confetti Girl… Pleeeeeeeeeease! I cannot even begin to imagine what must have ran through his head seeing the confetti?!)