The power coming through the scratchy cell-phone recordings and hand-held video rigs is simply too indelible to ignore. If the experience of watching a five-inch square recording is as soul-stirring as this, I would be an intolerant old idiot not to avail myself of the opportunity to be in the same place at the same time as when this cosmic alchemy occurs. Life is too unpredictable. Waiting for the perfect context, the ideal venue, is a fool’s errand.

So, after many entreaties to join her for the New Hampshire show, I have taken up Mamma Josie’s offer. Being a New York City boy, I could have more easily gotten to the Long Island or even the Newark show, but if I’m going for the proverbial Full Monty of Archupreciation, it might as well be with another ODD Archie–and not just any ODD Archie, mind you, but one of the true originals. She who coined one of the earliest most-popular terms of endearment for David, the oft-used, occasionally maligned (by yours truly), “Love Nugget.”

Dang it, do I have to carry a sign?