August to December 2008 may probably be considered the CRUSHING PERIOD as David did tons of interviews and guestings to promote his smash hit single CRUSH and his highly successful debut album, David Archuleta.

Coming at the heels of his spectacular showing at Idol and a 50-country-wide tour with the AIS7 To Ten Finalists, David’s media blitzkrieg and the response to the same is quite impressive. The public’s emotional vesting was clearly there an David delivered with gusto.

With such mileage, is it any wonder that his debut single and self-titled album achieved so much success? The momentum was there and David’s management smartly built on it. And we are just talking of 2008 here!

Want to relive those heady days of anticipation and discovery?

Or be surprised with footage you may not have seen before?

Then be prepared to be trapped in a vortex of pure David gah-someness with this set of videos showing David unraveling right before our very eyes 🙂

With almost 150 of HD and/or HQ videos at our disposal, I have subdivided this media collection into four parts –

1 – Radio Rounds
2 – Radio Disney
3 – TV Blitz
4 – A Special section on his AOL Session

Enjoy TDC’s treasure trove of anythingavid during his early days of stardom:)


~ JR

ps: If I missed anything, please let me know so we can complete our chronicling 🙂