… just recently, I was happy to receive a call from Ivory Records, asking me to shoot David Archuleta, who was in town recording an album of OPM hits (Original Pilipino Music). I must mention right off the bat that I am a huge fan of David’s, and remember rooting for him when he was competing in American Idol in 2008 — so imagine my excitement to actually be working with him. By the way, did you know that he got 44 percent of some 97 million votes that season? Amazing.

Happy to share photos from my afternoon with David — Two days, actually. The first was in the recording studio, and the second was on location for his album cover shoot. Enjoy!
~ Arlu Gomez

Here are the rest of the what Alu posted on his blog. Some of the pics we have seen before, but I included his captions for each photo for additional info 🙂


THIS ONE, FROM KARI – I call it “BELOVED GUY AT WORK” love, love, love it!