A friend shared these lines because of some personal situation he is in. Funny enough, it resonated with my current Archie life.

Doesn’t the above quotation work both ways? For us fans, and for David as well?

Six months into his self-chosen 2-year hiatus, the separation has exacted a “distance” on his Archies worldwide that may be both liberating and restraining. As we can imagine, David must also be going through the same thing. That is bold and fearless.

Not physical space. A virtual chasm that undoubtedly we are willing to bridge, intent on going that distance. Because we know a good thing when we see one… even if – FOR NOW – we don’t see him nearly enough.

David has always said that he wants us to take the journey with him. Wouldn’t going the distance be the perfect act?

~ jackryan4DA
ps: Look at what HK Archies get with their BEGIN CD – DAVID POSTCARDS!

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