It’s funny how things turn out. David announces a 2-year break from his showbiz career to answer his heart’s calling and ends up generating buzz that could rival his post-Idol days.

The mission announcement and the very concept of someone putting his career on hold to go on a mission, unknowingly gave David something that he has not had for a couple years now – heightened & widespread media/public attention.

And instead of winding down his showbiz affairs as everyone expected, what did the future Elder Archuleta do? Make waves with the Philippine entertainment industry! And in the process, leave his Archies with a treasure trove of gifts that would help the fandom during his two-year hiatus.

MyMusicStorePH notes:

With the success of his television miniseries Nandito Ako (Here I Am), David Archuleta sure made his mark in the Philippine entertainment industry and the hearts of Filipinos.

Nandito Ako is a story about Josh Bradley, a Filipino-American international singer who returns to the Philippines to search for his mother who was separated from him during a hotel fire when he was six, and presumed to be dead. In his search, he meets two very different girls – Anya Dionisio and Holly Posadas, and their lives become entangled as they seek out the truth.

Together with this miniseries, Archuleta also recorded a studio album that features Filipino songs. In this OPM album, Archuleta sang all-time hits such as “You Are My Song” originally by Martin Nievera, “Rainbow” by South Border, and “Tell Me” by Joey Albert.

The album Forevermore will be released in record stores this March. Several songs from that album such as the carrier track “Forevermore” and the miniseries theme song “Nandito Ako” are already available at

Worldwide trend

He is currently back home in the United States but he keeps in contact with his Filipino fans and friends via social network sites such as Twitter.

Every week, his fans would post status messages about Nandito Ako episodes and these would trend worldwide.

During Nandito Ako’s mid-season run, “Nandito Ako Goes To Batangas” and “Road Trip with Josh Bradley” became number 4 and 5 worldwide Twitter trends.

“You guys are trending machines,” he told his fans in his account.

Now that the series in its final week, he posted another message, saying that he hopes everyone will enjoy the ending.

Two-year break

Nandito Ako and Forevermore are actually two of his last projects before he goes on a mission to serve The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This mission will take him about two years in which he would temporarily take a break from the entertainment industry.

Archuleta made the announcement on December 2011 in Utah, the second to the last stop in his “My Kind of Christmas” concert tour.

“It’s not because someone told me that I’m supposed to do it, and not because I no longer want to do music, but because it’s the feeling that I’ve felt I need to do this with my life,” Archuleta said during the concert.

“It’s just the same feeling that I’ve always tried to follow in my life. It’s the feeling that has allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had–the challenges I’ve overcome, and the blessings too. And I’ve learned to trust that feeling and learned to answer when it calls. That’s the reason why I know I have to do this in my life,” he continued.

While fans are disappointed that they won’t be able to hear their idol for quite a while, they have expressed their support of his mission, as well as their eagerness for his comeback.

Meanwhile, Ivory Records, in cooperation with AstroPlus & Odyssey, is set to officially launch Forevermore Album & Music Video with a David Archuleta Fans’ Day this coming weekend. Manila Bulletin reports

To celebrate the release of David Archuleta’s latest album, “David Archuleta… Forevermore,” last March 26, David Archuleta fan gatherings will be held in select partner music stores in the Philippines on March 31. Fans who visit the designated stores on that day will get the chance to be one of the first to view David’s newest music video, “Forevermore.” Lots of exciting activities are in store for fans who will visit the designated stores. There will also be exclusive freebies, lots of fan interaction and of course the “Forevermore” album!

The fan gatherings will be held at Astroplus The Block at SM City North EDSA, and at Odyssey at SM Megamall.

More, AstroPlus is offering local and international shipping for online orders of “Forevermore” through its official Multiply account. David’s songs are also available for download online and through mobile phones.

Meanwhile, On April 1, David Archuleta’s video for “Forevermore” will premiere locally on MYX. For fans outside the Philippines, you can catch the online premiere on the same day (Manila Time) on Yahoo! Philippines.

“David Archuleta… Forevermore,” released by Ivory Music & Video and is touted as “what could be David Archuleta’s last album before his intended two-year break from the business to embark on an important spiritual mission,” is a collection of all original Filipino classic love songs written in English and composed by some of the Philippines renowned songwriters like Ogie Alcasid, Louie Ocampo, Jay Durias, Jimmy Antiporda, Cecil Azarcon, among others. The collection showcases some of the best love songs the country has produced. The songs will definitely invoke feelings of love and hope in every listener.

“Forevermore” and “Hold On” (both by Side A), “You Are My Song” (Martin Nievera) “I’ll Never Go” (Nexxus), “Tell Me” (Joey Albert), “Reaching Out,” (Gary Valenciano), and “Rainbow” (South Border) are some of the songs included in the album. The album pays tribute to not only OPM (Original Pilipino Music) but also to his countless fans who have been loyal throughout his career. The album is a gift and labor of love to his devoted fans. David wants his fans to know that he loves and appreciates them wherever he may go, “Forevermore.”

“I wouldn’t say that I sound better than the original singers because the singers here are so amazing. But I would hope that I could pay tribute to them with this album,” David said at the press conference for the album.

As an added treat to David’s fans, the album also includes “Nandito Ako”, from the TV5 mini-series of the same name, as a bonus track.

Who would’ve thought

Who would have thought that a mini-soap could turn into a global sensation? That it would showcase an untapped natural thespian in David?

That it could afford the fans a glimpse of the never-before-seen side of David — dramatic, sassy, romantic, angry, fist-fighting-hero-to-the-rescue — thereby fulfilling a thousand & one fantasies and wishes of the fandom! Who would’ve thought, eh? REALLY!

Topping the digital charts

The carrier single “Forevermore & the album’s bonus track “Nandito Ako” had been available for download from MyMusicStore for two weeks now.

For more than a week, both songs have occupied the top 2 spots of the MyMusicStore Charts.

The trend is similar for WOWHD & Amazon. The Forevermore CD is #1 at the WowHD site for the US & Canada; #2 in Australia and it is #9 in Japan, China, France and Hong Kong.

Overall across all sites, it is #7 and has been #7 for the past 30 days.

High note indeed 🙂

Career Boost

The dreaded absence from the limelight may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, literally. His decision to go on his mission could be a much needed turning point in his career and a defining moment for him as a celebrity cos seriously, who does that?

I think that when he comes back, people will be more curious about him. Media and the market may want to see what he will offer at that time, how the mission impacted him, how he has matured, how he will sound by then, what changes he will be prepared to make.

So, going away may well turn out to be the re-boot his career in the US needs as it paves the way for a smoother transition from a teenage heartthrob to an adult artist. As an aside, can you imagine what his voice will sound like by then? CHILLS!

It is the same re-boot he has achieved when he stayed in Manila for 38 days and virtually amped his game by playing lead in a romantic-drama series, modelling for Bench/Fix, singing a Tagalog song, headlining the Closeup Valentine PyroPalooza and recording a full OPM album of mushy & heart-rending love songs. The reluctant love crooner making goo-goo eyes plus courting a hug-fest with two leading ladies and then tackling a full-on romantic album which he wrapped in a record time of 4 days! Once more with feelings, WHO DOES THAT?! All for the love of his Archies & Arch Angels 🙂

Working till the 11th hour

And yet, he is not done. He is bent on finishing another album, back in the US, this time of the inspirational variety. So, if there is any proof of how hardworking David is, just look at the pictures below, posted today by Kari & Deseret Book, on the eve of his departure!

David has declared countless times — “I WILL COME BACK!” David will return to music… to us. As the song Rainbow says, “… my faith in you is clear.” So I know he will make good on that promise.

See you in two years, Elder Archuleta! Vaya con Dios dearest.


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