What can we expect from the special show this Sunday? “Mis Noticias” published the following teasers for the show:


Google helped me translate:

With the help of the Missionary Department of the LDS Church, KSL takes you to the streets of Chile and witness the special “David Archuleta: Called to Serve.”

“When I finally made ​​the decision to go, do not want to tell anyone because I was afraid that people would say, ” David tells us .

Elder Archuleta: “I loved the position I was in my professional life There are so many opportunities to help others and do charity work and stuff like that but I always had to be thinking about myself and I just got tired . . “And what about me ? And what about my life? What is best for me ? ”

“And then I realized , I have to do something other than for myself.”

David: ” After taking the time to really think about what the mission was , I felt more and more the need , not only the desire , felt the need to go on a mission .”

David: ” I ​​never had time to think , why I decided to do a mission I never thought that I knew it would be difficult.”

David: “You learn that if you keep going anyway, at some point something will happen

And I think one never appreciated the good times to go through a lot of difficult times. ”

KSL in Salt Lake City was waiting for David Archuleta when he arrived home .

You see his emotional reunion with his family … and you hear what he has been doing since he got home.

See all details of this Latino artist this Sunday at 13:30 by KSL in the special ” David Archuleta: Called to Serve”.

Fans of David , this is something you do not want to miss.

We also got word that Mis Noticias interviewed David’s Abuelito! ‘Thing is for sure that will be in Spanish. Let’s hope that it will be subtitled 🙂

UPDATE 04-04-2014 AM ~~ OK, here is the interview!

Meanwhile, here are two memes we can use to help promote the show. Please use it in your tweets, spread it in all David fan sites. Of course, you can keep add them to your David collection 😉


david archuleta meme 2


david archuleta meme
As the article said, this is something we should not miss! So spread the word!

You can watch the live streaming this Sunday at 1:30pm HERE or