Now it can be told πŸ™‚

KSL TV – April 6, 1:30 pm
David Archuleta: Called to Serve – TV Show, Episode Guide & Schedule locatetv.com/tv/david-archu…

Here is what we know:

1. Aside from it being shown on April 6, it will also be livestreamed on KSL
2. It will run for 30 minutes, as all Called to Serve segments go.
3. The show contains homecoming footage of David with his family, making this a MUST-WATCH!
4. And a promo teaser should be broadcasted any time soon! Watch out for it!

Wish I could share some more, but… At least, this is another chance to see our David on TV, eh? πŸ™‚

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

ps: Oh you can click on the pic to make it bigger πŸ™‚