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On a recent WikiAnswers entry:

Q: What is the fanmail address for David Archuleta?

David Archuleta
c/o 19 Entertainment – Attn: Meredith
8650 W. Sunset Blvd.
W. Hollywood, CA 90069

And some advice included on the site

READ (It actually says this)
Please keep it down to cards and letters only.

(Um, right. No shirts – plaid or otherwise, ties, journals, trail mix, hats or stuffed animals?!!!?!)

Here are some tips if you want to send mail or letters asking for an autograph. If you are sending fan mail (is there any other kind of mail to send to a fan mail address?) you should do the following:

1. Be polite and courteous (Okay, I suppose some hater could get up enough gumption to send something impolite, but you don’t need to say this to an “Archie”)

2. Keep your letter short and to the point (Oh, you can forget about this. Do you think any of David’s fans can send him a letter that doesn’t include a thank you for everything he’s ever said, a complete retelling of how they discovered him on Idol and how he changed their lives, quotes from his vlogs, a list of all of David’s concerts they’ve been to along with moment by moment glowing reviews and their hopes and dreams for his future?)

3. Mention something, or many things, that you admire about him (And you think this is hard, or we might forget to do this?  Sheesh! See #2 above.)

4. Ask for exactly what you want (Noooooo, no,no,no,no… never say this to David Archuleta’s fans. No, no, no. Especially if there are cougars lurking.)

5. Check your spelling and grammar (Yes, we all know David is actually an excellent speller – and even corrects himself when he makes a tiny mistake on a tweet, but truly, this ever forgiving soul would never mention it!)

6. Include a stamped-self-addressed-envelope (SSAE) (Really!  REALLY!  Do you think he’ll answer?    And, by the way, when did it change from SASE to SSAE?)

**Do not send bulky items, perishables like flowers or anything that would spoil, keep it simple to a postcard or letter. Due to security guidelines set at CBS your package or box may or may not make it. KEEP IT SIMPLE! (So much for sending him that new wardrobe I bought him up in Buffalo at one of his favorite stores, Tony Walker.)