David - Center Stage BYU

It has literally been months since we’ve had the pleasure of seeing, in person or on video, a full concert by David. We have all been whining, longing, aching, begging and generally feeling deprived of our favorite songs, the hunkerdown, and a growl or two.

Fans have been scouring youtube looking for any new video of David in concert – perhaps one by a fan that just didn’t get to uploading until the drought caused them to remember the video still on their camera from Atlantic City in November or Hershey in August.

Recently we’ve been treated to some fabulous, gorgeous (I’m fan girling), incredible a cappella versions of Lean on Me, I’ll Be, God Bless the Broken Road, and a stunning rendition of The National Anthem. The drought seemed to be getting a few sprinkles, a shower or two, and now, perhaps a good soaking rain with tonight’s conert at BYU’s Hart Auditorium.

It’s time….we’re ready…. we’re begging!  A single in July, and the CD in (potentially) September – maybe a tour is right around the corner. Oh, for a heavy downpour of David Archuleta LIVE!

So….as for tonight …. is everyone ready?  Everyone excited and filled with crazy anticipation?  Wondering what David will sing?  Wondering what those “surprises” will be that he mentioned in a recent interview?  Me, too!

We’ll be posting videos, tweets, twitpics and anything else we find as soon as possible tonight, so stay tuned!