It is expected to be announced tomorrow that as an expression of gratitude for their remarkable support, Salt Lake City will get a rare treat: the chance to see David Archuleta live in concert. No word yet on the venue, but tickets are expected to cost a nominal $1.00, presumably to cover the cost of the venue and staffing.

David is currently enjoying some well-deserved R&R at Lake Powell with friends. He leaves Saturday morning to start rehearsals for the Idol tour, and the JIve Records deal is apparently concluded all but for the dotting of i’s and the crossing of t’s. They are trying to find a single he could record to sell on tour.

Consistent with what we all observed during the media week following the finale, David himself has been characterized by those close to him as having really come out of his shell. The talk he gave at the church meeting on Sunday night was reportedly something of a surprise to those who have seen David in this context before. Usually brief and quiet when asked to say a few words, David was evidently downright loquacious, speaking from the heart with a power and confidence that moved many.