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I appreciate my fans so much. It means so much to me, all that they do. It’s so hard for me to understand how they are so passionate. I wonder, ‘What did I do that made them … so supportive?‘ I certainly never thought, ‘What can I do to get people to become passionate fans?'” he says. “I just went about doing what I did.

It makes me in awe just to think they would be so supportive, that they would follow what I do, they would listen to what I do, and be interested in the work that I do. I feel very blessed to have the group of fans that I have.”

Whether about life, career or food, David has this childlike wonder about him. This is especially true when it comes to his Archies or ArchAngels, as shown by the above quote lifted from a recently posted interview by Leon Lee of Hong Kong, “A True Fan of the Fans”..

It is this seemingly permanent state of awe that makes David irresistibly adorable. Despite his success, he remains unfazed by the showbiz trappings. To him, he remains, just David.

Wanna help make David understand?

In honor of David turning 21 this year, can you help me come up with 21 things that David does that make us passionate about supporting him? 21 reasons why we are interested in what he does? 21 reasons that make us go bonkers over him? Causing ODD among his Archies?

Am sure you’re thinking, “JR, you have to be kidding… 21 reasons ONLY? LOL

But the timing is perfect! Cos starting tomorrow, we have 21 days left before Mr. Archuleta turns 21.

So Archies, are you game? Just state your case on this thread. Let’s see what we come up with. Hope to hear from you guys!

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this ditty –


~ jackryan4DA
ps: The Mothership has started to put up CONCERT VIDEOS by mixing its own footage with the best scenes from FAN VIDS. Am putting them here in this thread as proof of the things @DavidArchie does 😉






{will add more as the OS posts}

A Not-So Microscopic New AVI — t.h.u.d.