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Aaaand we “hear” from him via Kari:

A big THANK YOU from David for all the Holiday/Birthday greetings & gifts he received in the packages I sent. (KS) https://twitter.com/DavidArchie/status/285888384268918787/photo/1

Oh my…

THIS, my friends, is why we are here. Pining for this gifted, thoroughly adored and highly esteemed young man.

He knows how we ache for any morsel of news… any clip… even just a glimpse. And he delivers on New Year’s Day, yet 🙂 (Well, it also helps that every other tweet and possibly all our letters to him carry the “I miss you” message, LOL)

But he knows us by heart, really 🙂

Thank you David for this unexpected gift. I love you my dear young man. Happy New Year! See you soon!
Nandito Lang Kami (We Are Just Here),
~ JR

ps: I think we need a closer look at that “special delivery”, right? 🙂 Well, hello gorgeous!

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Truly, the eyes have “IT”


ps2: Another pix shared by Kari, Las Vegas NY 2010


ps3: Looks like Matt Clayton is joining the share-a DA-kodak moment, LOL

DA MATT captured

I like it in BW 🙂

David MATT NY large BW