Almost 10 months temporarily removed from showbiz, yet David manages to rule some polls and charts. MYXPH reports:

A non-Filipino reigns the year-end results of MYX’s all-OPM countdown!
By: Zsaris Mendioro

A non-Filipino reigns the year-end results of Pinoy MYX Countdown! David Archuleta’s rendition of a Side A classic, “Forevermore”, is the most requested video of the year on PMC.


His all-OPM album of the same title, was released this year along with his teleserye, “Nandito Ako”, and a clothing endorsement just in time before he goes on a hiatus for his Mormon mission. Another single from the album, “I’ll Never Go”, has also reached the top 20 for the year-end countdown at number 18.

David also has a year-end entry in the MYX International Top 20 at number 20 for the single, “Wait”.

Fans have been waiting for a new OPM single from the American Idol finalist. Music video for the single, “Rainbow”, originally from the band South Border, will be released soon on MYX! Stay tuned for it this 2013!

David Archuleta will return from his mission in South America in 2014.

What do you think of David Archuleta’s reign in the all-Filipino chart? We’d love to know what you think!

MOOOAROVER 😉 Forevermore video was also at #4 on the Myx Hit Chart (which is the overall chart that combines both Pinoy and International music)

The Top 20 Music Videos Of 2012 Are Here! MYX Hit Chart Year-End Results Are Up!


Now that’s ending the year with a BANG!

~ JR (a happy camper)

ps: Ivory joins the celebratory fray

THE RESULTS ARE IN! One Direction and David Archuleta entered the MYX Hit Chart Top 20 Music Videos Of 2012!… http://fb.me/EQl9Xpqf