@DavidArchie David Archuleta – JOSH, THE ACTOR tweets!
Monday morning here in Manila. Good morning! First day of shooting scenes for the mini-series today! Here we go

@reesespeezes Rissa G.
Just heard David’s version of Nandito Ako. OMG!!! We were so overwhelmed, we gave the laptop a standing ovation! #followarchuleta

@reesespeezes Rissa G.
@joyce_ap @archuletaphils You guys will luhrve the song! His Tagalog was so good, we couldn’t believe it wasn’t a Pinoy singing!

@reesespeezes Rissa G.
Can’t stop listening to the song. So excited to hear the final mix so everyone can finally listen to this! David’s voice is AMAZING!

And what better way to start this day than with a vlog from the new prince of TV5?


From the mouth of babes – How did David do for his 1st shoot or 1st weekend here?

Perci Intalan @percinotpercy 58m
Just visited the set of Nandito Ako. @DavidArchie is a natural. This is looking very, very good indeed Direk @macalejandre 🙂

Mac C. Alejandre @macalejandre 1m
Just listened to david’s’version of nandito ako. OMG ang ganda! And yes!!!!!!!! marunong syang umarte. Magugulat …

Translation – Just listened to david’s’version of nandito ako. OMG it is sooo beautiful! And yes!!!!!!!! He can act! You’ll be surprised …

@mac-alejandre (the director) “Ang guapo ng bida ko (My star is so handsome)”



DA @ Kumare Klub Showbiz Chika (morning talk show) (16 Jan 2012)

Singing with David Archuleta! – “There’s Somethin ‘Bout love” – Isaiah Antonio

THE JOSH-ANYA HUG – Nandito Ako promo (subtitled) @ Juicy (16 Jan 2012)

DA TALKS, SINGS NANDITO AKO (subtitled) @ Balitaang Tapat Live Interview (17 Jan 2012)

BTS NANDITO AKO’S 1ST DAY OF SHOOTING @ Showbiz Aksyon (17 Jan 2012)

DA STARTS SHOOT FOR NANDITO AKO @ Aksyon Journalismo (17 Jan 2012)

DA – A NATURAL ACTOR @ Juicy! Top 1 Headline (17 Jan 2012)

WW BUZZ NANDITO AKO & SNIPPET OF RECORDING @ Juicy! Top Headline (18 Jan 2012)

DA Impressed w/ Pinoy Co-stars @ Juicy! (19 Jan 2012)

~ more to come ~



NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 1 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta

It’s all about the HAIR cr pinantonio of CuttingEdge

@kariontour Early start day! (Day 02 @ taping; Day 04 in Manila)

@kariontour: Not too clear but a pic from a scene today!

@kariontour: Now interviews while they change the set up for the next scene.

@DavidArchie rehearsing lines with @kariOnTour

Loooking gooood! Caption this? thanks MYK for sharing

NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 2 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta

NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 3 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta page

NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 4 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta page

NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 5 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta page

BTS TAPING PIX from the Mothership

NANDITO AKO BTS DAY 7 TAPING thanks to #FollowArchuleta page