You’ve seen the videos, watched the interviews or read the numerous articles. Once again, you witnessed Pinoy craziness over TheArchuletor. If anyone still doubts that this is Archuleta Country, better get your head examined and scoot to YT and fan sites to check-out the events as chronicled.

David’s 2nd visit in Manila was a whirlwind and exhausting adventure. He emerged from Immigration at way past 3pm, mobbed by media – not by fans, take note, as we promised NAIA Security and SonyMusicPhil that we will keep a respectful distance.

As you can see in the arrival video, we were barricaded by media so all along we thought David didn’t notice us or the banners. His Mabuhay vlog says otherwise.

If you are not an active member of Archuleta Philippines (AP) or any other fan site, you could have easily missed his arrival and be one of those who scrambled to get passes for his micro-mini concert. With a sudden red alert travel advisory raised (Goodness, last year it was NIHI!), Sony Music Philippines was constrained to promote the event merely 2 business days from David’s scheduled appearance.

That of course didn’t prevent Pinoy Archies from being prepared.

What I love most re DALIM 2.0 – The Arrival (Nov 16). Team NAIA. .. Team Pen… Team SkyDome… You’d think this was some military operation we were maneuvering, hehe! But that was exactly how we were organized 🙂 and what I love most with DALIM 2.0.

Cos with very little time to prepare and plenty of unconfirmed info gathered, Pinoy Archies still clicked like clockwork. From the strategic gears (text/chat/promo brigades, welcoming squads, early-bird queuing, live streaming, media liaising) to the tactical tools (shuttle bus, shirts, banners, tags, leis, gifts, letters & baskets of mangoes), we aimed for David to feel the love from the time he stepped our shores.

The Archies’ presence – even before his mini-concert – was not lost on media and organizers. The evening news showed the fans in the airport with AP’s banners in full display 🙂

(PS: that was my lei!)

As a social marketer, I take extreme pleasure in such development

David’s Media Day (Nov 17 am/pm). For some members of the press, they shrugged off the craziness as standard fanaticism. But after they personally met our guy… well I think it is best to quote from the mouth of babes. Here are some choice entries from those who attended the presscon —

We see him as shy, easily embarrassed, even awkward sometimes, but when you meet him in person, you realize just how genuine this guy is. Cut from a very different cloth as most of the celebs we’ve met. There’s no disingenuous bone in his body. [Chico & DelMar of RX93.1]

David Archuleta is one of the few people in show business past puberty who can get away with blinking innocently when people ask about “a special someone.” It actually seems refreshing [Phil Daily Inquirer]

The reluctant star shtick…isn’t a shtick. From the first time he opened his mouth, to the last thing he said to us, you can see that he means it, no matter how sanitized his image may seem to you. He’s a rare kid, who still accentuates the positive, who actually thinks he’s gotten out of his comfort zone by fighting for positive messages in his music that most people find ironically off-putting.[Chico of RX93.1]

In a time when songs about sex dominate the charts, and even regular folks criticize public figures, well, regularly if not unwarrantedly, singer-songwriter David Archuleta stays positive with goals intact. [Manila Bulletin]

Delle and I still couldn’t believe that we met David Archuleta, such a wonderful person, practically beaming with light (you won’t understand it unless you meet the guy)…[Chico & DelMar of RX 93.1FM]

E-v-e-r-y one who emerged from the Media Room had this “Archufied” smile – you know what I mean? A lot came off shaking their heads like in awe. Others couldn’t help themselves for a giggle or a small shriek to escape from their lips.

David’s Media Day started at 10:30am and wrapped up at around 4:00pm, just enough for him to freshen up and rush to his mini-concert at Sky Dome of SM North EDSA. For sure, on 17th Nov 2010, a good number of media people got that “What just happened?” experience.

Watch the last batch of round table presscon cum meet & greet which I attended. Doc Naree was on hand to help me record the event 🙂

The Micro-Mini Concert (Nov 17 eve). It was cra-zeh. His voice reverberated around the dome – full, clear & strong. He was in full command during Elevator, classic during Crush. He really gave his all during SBL that he was almost hoarse when he was saying “Mahal ko kayo (I love you all)” as he left he stage.

So where was I standing all this time? Right in front of the baby grand! Great view, right? Well, supposedly. Would you believe I wasn’t able to watch his performance? Yup, I got squashed in the mosh-like pit while supporting Naree who had to step-up in the railings to get pictures. When the crowd surged forward, I had to turn my head sideways, unable to watch his performance. I did see him though… through cameras of the other Archies around me.

Except for that ssmmaall mishap, the whole day was what dreams are made of. Consider these:

  • Due to high demand for passes, organizers decided to take out the chairs in the floor-seated area, initially intended for the 1st 400 fans who would buy TOSOD at the gate. This effectively brought up space accommodation up to 2,000 pax.
  • The 1st Archie lined-up @ the Sky Dome at 4am – for a 6pm event & she lives within the city!
  • By 8am, about 300 peeps were already lined up; by 9am, 500. Organizers had to re-stock TOSOD CDs.
  • For safety reasons, the organizers had to stop selling TOSOD & SM’s eco bags at 1pm despite a considerable long line of people still hoping to get in.
  • AP banners were posted around the SkyDome – way to go Team SkyDome!
  • David’s wish was our command. So when he asked us to sing during Elevator, we sure did, LOL. Thanks to Carla Charisse for capturing the segment below
  • David was supposed to sign the 1st 400 CDs. Over 200 fans in the bleachers who initially bought the eco bags, decided to buy CDs as well, for a slim chance to have them signed by David.
  • When met David, finally to the joyous roar of the SkyDome crowd!
  • David decided to sign ALL CDs . Signing session ended almost 10pm – w/o dinner! By now you know David eventually had Chicken Inasal (specialty-grilled) for dinner.
  • David’s departure (Nov 18 4am). Doc Naree and I rushed back to the hotel to drop off some more gifts & fan letters from the provinces that I got only that night. The letters were collected by Kricket, AP head – who was also unable to attend as she lives in Davao. By the time we left the hotel, it was almost time for David & company to leave for the airport.

    A small group of fans waited overnight at the hotel hoping to bid him goodbye. Here is their account:

    “When Melinda came down, they asked if they could have a pic with David. Melinda wasn’t sure because David had just woken up. David came down and talked to them for a bit, thanking them, etc. and then boarded the van. Fans were disappointed they didn’t ask him for a photo or even sign their COS copies. They didn’t want to be demanding. Van door closed, started moving, then stopped. Melinda and David were talking inside the bus. Then, David came out and asked the fans if they wanted a photo with them.”

    Until the last moment, his heart went for those who matter.

    Major props go to Archuleta Philippines led by Kricket for the outstanding mobilization effort for David’s 2nd visit. To Team NAIA, Team Pen, Team, SkyDome and all AP members, thanks for your patience, invaluable dedication, creativity and gung-ho attitude.

    To SonyMusicPhils for making David’s 2nd visit about his fans.

    And to all Archies, for proudly wearing your hearts on your sleeves for someone who I wish would realize, just how much he matters.

    – jackryan4DA

    When Prayers Get Answered
    Part 2 to be continued…