We are EXCITED to announce that

is BACK!!

In May 2010, with the support of David’s fans, we were honored to be able to give 2 students a $2500 scholarship each to further their music education dream (you can read about the recipients on our website!).  This year, with David’s blessing we will be honored and excited once again to offer Murray High School student/s the opportunity to continue to study music in higher education through The David Archuleta Music Scholarship.

Remember this?

We all know how much David loves and appreciates his High School.  He has done so much to give back to his community as well as worldwide.  Here is an opportunity to show David how much we appreciate HIM and do what we can to GIVE BACK as well!  What a wonderful way to honor David and to help others!!

How can YOU be involved?  Please visit our website at http://www.thedavidarchuletamusicscholarship.org/index.html to learn more and donate.   In David’s own words: ‘I feel honored! So glad people are supporting a kid’s future life in music!’  I hope you’ll consider being that support and while you’re there please check out our website!  You’ll find a LOT of great information about The David Archuleta Music Scholarship there as well as a bio of David, guest comments from last year and even a ‘David’ quote of the day!  Don’t forget to leave your own comment on our Guest page! J

NEW THIS YEAR: We now have a donor page where the names of our donors are listed.  When making your donation via PayPal, please ask us to add your name to the donor page using the link Add your note to the Scholarship which is on PayPal and your name along with your state/country will be added.  If you do not ask us to add your name when you submit your donation, you will be listed as ‘anonymous’ with your state/country listed.  Donation amounts will not be listed.


David’s Fans J


It’s $5 FRIDAY!!!

We are excited to report that in less than a week we are nearly $2,000 towards our goal of $5,000 and we ONLY have 3 WEEKS left to raise the remaining $3,000 so today is our first $5 FRIDAY!

If you can, please donate and help us reach our goal.  Just $5 from many can add up quickly and get us closer to that goal.  Just go to http://www.thedavidarchuletamusicscholarship.org/index.html

Let’s help deserving MHS students further their education and continue to HONOR David by giving to this scholarship in his name.