noun /ikˈspōnənt/  /ˈekspōnənt/ 
exponents, plural

A person who believes in and promotes the truth or benefits of an idea or theory
– an early exponent of the teachings of Thomas Aquinas

A person who has and demonstrates a particular skill, esp. to a high standard
– he’s the world’s leading exponent of country rock guitar

A quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised, usually expressed as a raised symbol beside the number or expression (e.g., 3 in 23 = 2 × 2 × 2)

A linguistic unit that realizes another, more abstract unit

One who expounds, represents or advocates; The power to which a number, symbol or expression is to be raised or multiplied by itself

~ Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

It is interesting that the different definitions of “exponent” remind me of the things I find fascinating about David Archuleta — belief, truth, idea, power, representation, advocacy, raised symbol, standards, realization, abstraction…

And as he embarks on another media blitz to promote his Christmas tour, the GCT album & its PBS airings plus Wait’s music video, he literally multiplies himself and reaches out to his market on various media. As mentioned in a couple of threads ago, David will be onstage, on TV/cable, on the airwaves, on print, on billboards, posters, email blasts, online and on meet and greets.

Such multimedia blitzkrieg is shaping up to be a yearly tradition. No complaints from me 🙂 I say: go forth and multiply the David brand! The world can sure use more joy, more sharing, more sense from a person with substance. The Season’s {multimedia} exponent, indeed.

Below are the tour/GCT-related videos. I will add to this thread as they come. Enjoy!


DA Vlog, Announcing MKOC Tour (27 Sept 2011)

ClevverTV feat MKOC announcement (29 Sept 2011)

DA Tells Us How to Get GCT from iTunes LOL (15 Nov 2011)

Fox13’s Good Day UT LIVE STREAMED (21 Nov 2011)

Fox13Now POST-EDITED ver of live streamed interview (21 Nov 2011)

ABC4’s Good Things UT Interview (21 Nov 2011)

DA’s Super Fan Surprise EDITH @ KSL Studio5 – CUTENESS OVERLOAD! (21 Nov 2011)

Fox29 San Antonio Interview (22 Nov 2011)

Fox59 Indianapolis LIVE STREAMD(22 Nov 2011)

WRAL5 Raleigh POST-EDITED; also appears @ Yahoo (22 Nov 2011)

WRAL5 Raleigh LIVE STREAMED (22 Nov 2011)

FOX6 Birmingham, Good Day Alabama (22 Nov 2011)

CTNow Hartford LIVE STREAMED (22 Nov 2011)

FoxCLT WCCB Charlotte (22 Nov 2011)

Fox40Live Sacramento, Faith Matters – David Archuleta & MOTAB (22 Nov 2011)

Fox10 Phoenix, AZ Morning LIVE STREAMED (22 Nov 2011)

KUTV2’s Fresh Living – INTERVIEW p 1/3 (22 Nov 2011)

KUTV2’s Fresh Living – Waffles & Wassail p 2/3 (22 Nov 2011)

KUTV2’s Fresh Living – BUTTERBALL TALK p 3/3 (22 Nov 2011)

KSL5’s feat – Jampacked GTC CD Signing in SLC (25 Nov 2011)

Mormon Times feature on DA (aired 27 Nov 2011)

Morning Blend, Las Vegas Interview(aired 29 Nov 2011)

TBTOONE’s interview w/ David (30 Nov 2011)

Fox411: DA’s Nerve Wracking Christmas (01 Dec 2011)

DA @ APTN – he is the Holiday Spirit (01 Dec 2011)

DA Interview @ Paparazzi, Manila (04 Dec 2011)

Stroudsburg High Making Music w/ Singing Sensation DA (02 Dec 2011)

B92.1 Interview w/ Rob&Dez (Media Blitz, 05 Dec 2011)

107.9 Lite FM Interview, Boise ID (Media Blitz, 07 Dec 2011)

DA with Lisa Adams posted by Lite FM

DA with Lucky to Kick-off Kissmas for Kids to support Toys for Tots (103.3FM)

DA @ Fox13 News feature – WAIT, MKOC TOUR & GCT (11 Dec 2011)

MANILA’S GCT LAUNCH feat @ Lifestyle Network (11 Dec 2011)

Forbes Interview

Forbes – The First Noel

Forbes – HYAMLC

DA @ Mormon Weekly Edition – looooong interview – over 40 min long

PBS Vid Promo for MOTAB Christmas Concert

This is the 2nd segment of episode 5 of Mormon Weekly Edition. Listen to M. Walberg talk about David Archuleta, the MOTAB Christmas Concert and background story of the selected pieces performed that year.

David Interview @ Phil show StarTalk (Manila, 17 Dec 2011)

DA @ Indonesia’s MetroTV HD Trailer – Music & the Spoken Word: A Wondrous Christmas (Media Blitz, to be aired 25 Dec 2011)

Good Things Utah’s Table Talk – DA TO SERVE A MISSION (20 Dec 2011)

UT Conversation between DA & Ted Capener – aired 18 Dec 2011

DA @ eNewsNOW on Serving a MIssion (21 Dec 2011)

WAIT MV teaser aired by Channel [V]

KYTX Ch19 on DA’s Mission

PBS SistemTV (Puerto Rico) Vid Promo of MOTAB Christmas Special w/ DA – airing 25 Dec

Sidereel asks – did David make the right decision (22 Dec 2011)

PA Live Talks about DA’s Special Announcement (22 Dec 2011)

DA @ Fox & Friends Holiday Special – TEASER (23 Dec 2011)

DA @ Fox & Friends – SILENT NIGHT (24 Dec 2011)

DA @ Fox & Friends – THE FIRST NOEL (24 Dec 2011)

PBS SistemTV (Puerto Rico) Vid Promo of MOTAB Christmas Special w/ DA – airing 31 Dec

You can download HD MP4’s of these vids from HERE


01 DA @ CD signing Orem, UT (21 Nov) thanks to SRHS83

02 DA @ CD Signing LONGER Orem, UT (21 Nov) thanks to SRHS83

03 SRHS83 shows LDS Mags signed by David for international Archies

04 DA @ Fort Union Deseret Book 1 thanks to priceclairtyson

05 DA @ Fort Union Deseret Book 2 thanks to priceclairtyson

06 DA @ Fort Union Deseret Book 3 thanks to priceclairtyson

07 DA @ SLC Deseret Flagship Store thanks to zizzle77

08 DA @ SLC Deseret Book CD signing thanks to deatheateregg

09 DA @ SLC Deseret Book CD signing thanks to SRHS83

10 @ ID Deseret Book signings – TALKING IN SPANISH thanks to verdespickles

11 @ Deseret Book in Santa Ana, Callie thanks to djalover15

More to come so be sure to come back! 🙂


01 Home for the Holidays, signing CDs pix from KSL article

02 Pix from CD Signing @ Orem UT from Various Sources

DA @ Orem CD signing 01 cr laurawhatcott

Lining up for a glimpse & the coveted autograph cr AFS

cr courtneeychen

cr gemzone

cr gemzone

cr gemzone

cr dezeeflower

cr ambforevah

cr chinnii

03 CD Signing Pix @ Orem, UT thanks to @nellie1983

04 CD Signing Pix @ Midvale thanks to various sources (23 Nov 2011)

05 CD Signing Pix @ SLC Deseret Flagship Store thanks to Deseret Bookstore (25 Nov 2011)

06 Jampacked CD Signing @ SLC Deseret Flagship Store thanks to KSL (25 Nov 2011)

07 CD signing @ Sta Ana Callie thanks to heather4JT

08 OCEAN UP’s PIX from Book/CD Signing @ Sta Ana Callie – dubbed as “A CUTIE SIGNING”, LOL