Since appearing on American Idol, David Archuleta has taken the music world by storm. Still, he's managed to stay true to himself and his values. LDS Living recently caught up with the star to talk about life, music, and what the future holds.

David Archuleta was born with music in his blood.

He grew up watching his father, Jeff, play the trumpet with various jazz bands and his mother, Lupe, shine on stage as a salsa singer and dancer. The second of five children, Archuleta would often perform musical numbers with his family for neighbors and friends. But it was at six years of age, when he watched a videotape of the tenth anniversary concert of Les Miserables, that his passion for music was irrevocably forged in his heart.


LDS Living Online features an interview with David Archuleta
, which is actually an introductory article to November/December print issue of LDS Living where David is the cover story.

If you have read his self-penned biography, Chords of Strength, then the interview and the full-blown article would be very familiar to you.

However based on advanced sharings of Archies who have bought the magazine, the LDS feature reveals a more candid, yet serious David. Of particular interest to a lot of people is the confirmation of BTS struggles with his label about his packaging as an artist. The fans have guessed as much and the fans knew David would not compromise.

Was his decision warranted? Time will tell.

Here, there everywhere
Meanwhile, David is in the thick of thijngs, preparing for his favorite time of the year. With the (1) release of MOTAB’s holiday album Glad Christmas Tidings, where David is the featured artist; the impending (2) US-wide airing of the holiday album’s accompanying PBS special; and the (3) start of his much-anticipated MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS Tour, David will have covered all bases.

And of course there’s the (4) unveiling of his new music video for Wait – a track from his asian ed TOSOD album.

The Archuletor will be on-air, on cable/TV and on the concert scene, not to mention the news coverage attendant to such happenings. He will have tremendous multimedia exposure. This, coming after the heels of a very well received Asian Tour.

And yet he is without a label, without management…. Interesting juxtaposition, isn’t it? Reminds me of this quote

You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat.
~ Renoir


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In the meantime, enjoy some behind-the-scenes videos from the photoshoot. You may have seen them before but I’d like to put a rightful “home” to them in TDC πŸ™‚

Behind the scenes at David’s photo shoot with LDS Living:

David responds to LDS Living’s reader questions: