Pre-orders Served!

Actually, the CDs had been available since Friday in selected stores to those who pre-ordered the album during last month’s Megamall Pre-sale Launch.

Apart from this, Ivory & Astroplus were kind enough to consider my request to get advanced copies of the album for a special shipment to worldwide fans.

Hence, the Listening Party last Friday right after Nandito Ako Finale.

Digital Copies Soon from MyMusicStore!

Watch out for MyMusicStore announcement. They will definitely offer the whole album real soon!

More Goodies from Ivory on March 31

In addition to the official release of Forevermore to Astroplus and Odyssey stores nationwide on Monday, March 26, there will be a fan gathering at Astroplus in The Block and at Odyssey in SM Megamall on March 31st, as announced by Ivory Music. The Forevermore Music Video will be released on the same gathering!

It Took a Village

As mentioned above, Ivory & Astroplus were kind enough to consider my request to get advanced copies of the album for a special shipment to worldwide fans.

You see, @lorms was supposed to go to the US some time in March. But the CD release got delayed and @lorm’s trip got postponed to later this year. The good news was that her officemate would still travel and was so kind enough to help the Archies get the CDs offshore!

But the delay in the release of the CD got us all worried if we could still do the special shipment. So I decided to ask help from Ivory on the possibility of getting “advanced copies” of the album. Ivory was so understanding of our plight and agreed to let me know as soon as the stocks hit the warehouse! The target was for a March Week2 release date.

After a couple of false alarms, I finally got the go signal to get the “hawt copies” on March 23 Friday 2pm. I was still cooking up something that day (and had to finish a report at work – dang RL keeps getting in the way, no?!) but I was hopeful I could finish this special mission within 2 hours tops!

WRONG! Took me almost 6 hours to get the lot (55 for Lorma, 10 for Naree and 15 for me) of CDs from the Ivory warehouse to Lorma’s hands.

* Since am not familiar with the warehouse location, had to circle the block 3x
* Had to contend with traffic and circling unfamiliar places w/ traffic wasn’t the best experience!
* Astroplus had to tag the pre-orders with their list and stamp the receipts individually
* AstroPlus had to coordinate with its Ayala store cos some of Lorma’s pre-orders were placed with another branch w/ partial payment arrangements
* Astroplus had to coordinate with My Multiply for the online orders which were supposed to be delivered to my office

So you see how much I love these guys? The trouble they had to go through just for us fans!

By 7pm I was back in the office, eagerly waiting for Lorma and show her our “harvest”! LOL The two of us had to work still, packing the stuff – Lorma on her 60 CDs and me on my 15 CDs (with me still working on another special mission) in time for her officemate’s flight the next day. You can say that both of us had an all-nighter in our respective rooms!

Lorma wrote a nice recap of her Forevermore experience HERE

Meanwhile, here are pics of the 1st CD I had my hands on 🙂 Notice the background, they were still unpacking the boxes, counting the stocks!

Again, thank you Jeff & Connie of Ivory for granting my request! Thank you Choy & Lei of Astroplus for helping make this happen. Jeff even took the time to meet me. We had a very interesting and lengthy talk, some details I was sworn to secrecy (LOL), some I will be able to share as the days progress.

A “Lambing” from Ivory Records
    Lam-bing (noun) def: a caress, a tender request

On March 31st, the Forevermore Music Video will be unveiled simultaneously in MYX and during the fan gatherings with Astroplus (The Block, SM North EDSA) and Odyssey (SM Mega). Something is likewise in-store for international fans.

So, Ivory asks of Archies worldwide — can we propel the MV to the #1 spot on both MYX International Top 20 and Pop MYX, at the same time? Ivory believes that this will be a wonderful gift to David who has worked extra hard on this project.


Let me end this mini-saga with something Jeff said about his Forevermore experience

I wish all artists can be like David Archuleta! Our time schedule for this project was crazy! It was Murphy’s Law till the end! But working with someone like David made it all worthwhile. Not only is he one of the best musicians we have ever worked with, he is probably the nicest, kindest artist. Working with him upclose, we now understand why his fans love him so much. He truly deserves the respect and accolade given him. We look forward to working with him again. And for the Archies out there – watch out! We have more goodies for you!

~ Jeff Joson, Ivory Records