The only reason to put up a resistance is if you think there is still hope.

At this point, I am inclined to give in to the mounting evidence that decisions have been made to take advantage of the most obvious and immediate opportunities, regardless of their impact on the nature of the brand. If I had to argue for the wisdom of this strategy, I could do it. I am not quite as partisan as some people believe me to be (not that I have necessarily given anyone any reason to believe otherwise), but I chose to remain in the other camp, the camp that, from where I sit, actually exhibits more faith in David’s abilities and opportunities than seems to be in evidence from his own stakeholders. Maybe even than from David himself.

The branding of David Archuleta is clearly proceeding over a well-trodden path for cute, television-spawned teenagers with big performing talent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, except if you are anything but conventional. The risk in standard channeling of unusual talent is that the unique almost never rises out of the conventional. Think of any truly legendary performer and consider that each and every one of them were special before they were standard, not the other way around. Special creates the standard.

The argument being advanced for this strategy within the circle of advisers and stakeholders around David is almost certainly based on time. His youth is undoubtedly being cited as the ace in his deck, with an emphasis on the notion that whatever decisions are being made now will be ancient history by the time he may want to cultivate a more unique, mature, or personal presence in the market. Let’s hope. Audiences may be fickle but they have long memories, and today’s unprecedented availability of easy-access media may not help the case for wholesale re-invention.

As it is, I am content to accept what I consider to be questionable but perhaps practical decisions. Real vision is a rare commodity in any business, and true originality is an enigma; no one knows what to do with it, so “let’s just do what we always do.”