David touched down in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City to screaming fans, a familiar sight (and sound) along the route of the Asian Tour.

Fans singing while waiting for David to arrive

Inside Peek of DA @ TSN Airport thanks to thienthannho303

Vietnam Express’ coverage of DA’s arrival

Here is another video of DA’s arrival feat @ 24 Hot

It seems no matter where he goes, David elicits respect, admiration and, well… adoring love from fans and the press.  And David responds with his own outpouring of energy, enthusiasm and pure radiant joy!

Look at that glorious face!

Aided by a humid topical climate, David’s voice is more powerful, full and rich, while he fluidly reaches every high note with what seems like no effort at all.

With videos posting with a few hours of David’s full concerts, fans around the world can enjoy these amazing performances.  And we’ll be searching out the best videos to share and add to the archive!

  • Friday, July 22, at 8:00 PM -Ho Chi Minh City,  San Van Dong Quan Khu 7
    Eastern Standard time = 9:00 AM, Friday July 22
  • Sunday, July 24, at 4:30 PM – Ha Noi, Trung Tam Trien Lam Giang Vo
    Eastern Standard time = 5:30 AM, Sunday July 24

Special Video Recap from Airport Arrival to Concert by DROCTHEDJ


Press Conference videos!

I’m not sure if this is a soundcheck or what it is, but it sure does sound great!

BTS video while waiting for PressCon to start

Online Interview w/ VN Express

DA feature @ Zoom Spotlight YAN TV (aired 15 Aug 2011)

The Setlist
01 Stomping The Roses
02 Other Side of Down
03 A Little Too Not Over You
04 Something About Love
05 Everybody Wants to Rule the World
06 Touch My Hand
07 My Kind of Perfect
08 Elevator
09 A Thousand Miles
10 Falling Stars
11 Stand By Me
12 Everything and More
13 Zero Gravity
14 Crush

Performance Vids

15-minute of Concert Highlights (HD) thanks to BlackHieuMckenzie

Uploader’s Comment: I didn’t plan to film this but he really inspired me. Such a talented and friendly friendly friendly super star ever 🙂
– BlackHieuMcKenzie

Concert Part 1 STR, TOSOD, ALTNOY, SBL, EWTRTW thanks to sweet1902

Concert Part 1 STR, TOSOD, ALTNOY, SBLt thanks to thienthannho303

Snippets of Performance by 24Hot

01 STR & 02 TOSOD upclose feat by VNExpress

01 STR, 02 TOSOD & 03 ALTNOY thanks to LoLaZoeLL

01 STR, 02 TOSOD & 03 ALTNOY thanks to trongveoNET

02 TOSOD thanks to ThePricessSwarm

03 ALTNOY upclose feat by VNExpress

03 ALTNOY thanks to TheFallenLeaf

03 ALTNOY thanks to ThePricessSwarm

04 SBL upclose feat by VNExpress

04 SBL thanks to TheFallenLeaf

04 SBL thanks to LolaZoell

04 SBL thanks to ThePricessSwarm

04 SBL thanks to trongveoNET

05 EWTRTW upclose feat by VNExpress

05 EWTRTW thanks to LolaZoell

06 TMH upclose feat by VNExpress

06 TMH thanks to LolaZoell

06 TMH thanks to ThePricessSwarm

06 TMH thanks to trongveoNET

Fans giving DA flowers on stage by elliiieeeex3

07 MKOP upclose feat by VNExpress

07 MKOP thanks to LolaZoell

07 MKOP thanks to ThePricessSwarm

08 ELEVATOR upclose feat by VNExpress

08 ELEVATOR thanks to LolaZoell

08 ELEVATOR thanks to trongveoNET


09 ATM thanks to LolaZoell

09 ATM thanks to trongveoNET

10 FS thanks to LolaZoell

10 FS thanks to trongveoNET


12 EAM thanks to LolaZoell

12 EAM partial thanks to nlmd231

13 ZG thanks to LolaZoell

13 ZG thanks to ThePrincessSwarm

14 CRUSH thanksto SHINeeous

14 CRUSH p1 thanks to ThePrincessSwarm

14 CRUSH p2 thanks to ThePrincessSwarm


Part 1/5 DA @ Yan TV Special – Arrival, HCM Rehearsals & PressCon

Part 2/5 Vietnam Stars @ Yan TV Special

Part 3/5 Vietnam Stars @ Yan TV Special

Part 4/5 DA @ Yan TV Special – STR & TOSOD

Part 5/5 DA @ Yan TV Special – ALTNOY, SBL, Leaving Venue & Shout Out to YANtv (based on 02 Sept replay)


01 Airport Arrival by 24H

02 More airport and online interview pix from VN Express

03 Airport Arrival & PressCon Pix from kenh14

04 PressCon Pix from 24Hot

05 More PressCon Pix from 24Hot

06 Concert Pix from 24Hot

07 More Concert Pix from 24Hot

08 Gorgeous Concert Pix from VN Express

09 Concert Pix from kenh14

10 More HQ HCM Concert Pix uploaded to mediafire by anonymous – pls let me know the owner of this set for proper crediting

11 David Receiving Flowers/Gifts from Fans/Post-Concert Pix

Above says adorable picture. so what do you call this?

Finally from Vietnam – It’s Not Goodbye

~ Marlie