Someone once said that for whatever Jive did or didn’t do, David joining the Jingle Ball Tour was one of its best moves.

It provided an exposure that had reach and range outside his loyal following. It also afforded David the much needed follow-through with major radio stations after the release of his debut album – something that we have learned is key to any artist trying to make it in US mainstream music industry.

Will we ever see David in the same company of performers? Or will he concentrate on his much beloved solo Christmas tour?

Which do you prefer?

Which would serve him best when he returns from his two-year sabbatical from the music business circuit?

This page presents a collection of interviews and BTS footage from the Jingle Ball series, to cap our chronicling of David’s major accomplishments in 2008.

Enjoy looking back at our David at the cusp of stardom 🙂
~ JR

DA @ JingleBall 107.9 TheEnd Backstage Interview (03 Dec 2008)

DA BTS @ JingleBall Sacramento (03 Dec 2008)

DA @ KHOP M&G California (04 Dec 2008)

DA @ The Road to MSG JingleBall AD (04 Dec 2008)

DA @ JingleBall Road to MSG (04 Dec 2008)

DA @ JingleBall 102.7 KIIS FM Interview (06 Dec 2008)

DA Backstage Interview w/ ET @ JingleBall KIIS FM (07 Dec 2008)

DA “Sugar-Rush” Moment w/ OCR @ JingleBall Backstage KIISfm (07 Dec 2008)

DA @ Road to MSG Z100’s JingleBall (08 Dec 2008)

DA Q&A w/ Fans “Chicken Noodle Soup” moment @ JingleBall NYC MSG (09 Dec 2008)

DA @ JingleBall Kiss108 FM Backstage Interview (11 Dec 2008)

Digging-up Dirt on DA – @ kissmas bash ’08

DA Pre-show Interview @ JingleBall NYC MSG (12 Dec 2008)

Backstage Interview @ JingleBall Philly Q102 (14 Dec 2008)

DA BTS Interview @ B86 JingleBash Edited (16 Dec 2008)

DA segment @ JingleBall S&R Backstage Scenes (16 Dec 2008)

DA interview w/ Shelby Shelley @ B96 JingleBash (16 Dec 2008)

David Archuleta – A Thousand Miles and White Christmas at Jingle Bash Chicago

DA w/ Shontelle @Jingle Bash Backstage (16 Dec 2008)

DA – THE BEANIE INTERVIEW! @ JingleBall Backstage (16 Dec 2008)

DA promoting Star 94 JingleJam (17 Dec 2008)

Star 94’s Jingle Jam ’08 Promo AD

DA’s In-Studio Interview @ JingleJam Star94 Atlanta (17 Dec 2008)

Archuleta Prank by WSTR94

David Archuleta giving shoutout in Atlanta! cr MissMary22x

David Archuleta Backstage @ Z100’s Jingle Ball by lifestarmag

Interview Backstage @ Z100 NY JingleBall (20 Dec 2008)

DA & Lady Gaga Backstage @ JingleBall NYC MSG (20 Dec 2008)

DA @ JingleBall NYC MSG Z100 Backstage Access (20 Dec 2008)

DA @ JingleBash NY photoshoot (20 Dec 2008)

DA Backstage Interview w/ RMTV @ Z100 JingleBall MSG (20 Dec 2008)

DA’s “Love LockDown” Moment @ Z100 JingleBall Backstage Interview (20 Dec 2008)

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