Natasha Bedingfield surprised David on AIS7 Top05 Week Results Show

Once again, this mutual-admiration-duo crosses path in separate, extraneous interviews. Read on as they share their sentiments about their passion for music and why they feel it’s important to do music their own way —

In pop music, sometimes we think more is more, and blowing people’s heads off,” said the blond British daughter of New Zealand natives in a phone interview. “I’ve been sick of the way pop music has been going. It’s more about packaging and less about music.

– Natasha Bedingfield,
Natasha Bedingfield Strips Down Her Sound
SLTRB Interview by David Burger

The interview further reveals, “That’s why the Grammy-nominated Bedingfield released “Strip Me” last year, in a conscious decision to create more intimate songs. She co-wrote all 13 tracks, providing a glimpse of who the singer is behind all of that pop star glitter, showcasing the talent that prompts Utah native David Archuleta to name Bedingfield as one of his chief influences.


Meanwhile, David’s YES World Malaysia interview has stirred a lot of buzz with what he had to say about his future plans, recording a Spanish song, and his decision about Jive.

… I just felt I haven’t been happy over this last year or two. I haven’t been going in the direction that I’ve wanted to go fully. I’ve learned so much and the people there that I’ve worked with have been really great people. But I need space, and I didn’t get that. Since American Idol it was go go go, and do this and not do this. It’s like I really have time to think about what I really want to do, and that’s why it’s like I just said I think it’ll be good to just do my own thing….

I want to spend time writing, get those songs together, and then go out and say I’m ready. I’m ready to make an album and show it to the record labels and say this is the music I’m going to do. Are you supportive, do you believe in me? That’s what I want to do. I want to be able to do the music that I feel, the music that I want to try, to take a chance with it instead of other people saying it for me.

The Fans… Always for the Fans

The Archuletor shares some near-term future plans, “I want to try to release something new for the fans. I don’t want to make a full album this year, of course I will down the road, but not this year. But I do want to give something. And so I’ve been thinking about releasing another song for the fans who’ve been so patient, and have been good. And that’s what I’m working towards. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been meeting different people in L.A. too. But now I’m going to Nashville because I’ve done writing in Nashville before in the past and that’s where I felt magic. I need to follow this direction and this feeling and I feel it here in Nashville. A lot of people think that “Oh nashville, so you go to country, you’re going to do country music now?” It’s like no, there are a lot of different writers here. A lot of people like Ke$ha, Kings of Leon, Paramore, they’re all from Nashville. so there’s more than just country here.”

Twin Spirits, Doing their Own Thing

Of course I don’t mean that these two are the only ones doing their own thing. There are many admirable artists out there daring to be different. And of course we have plenty of singers who provide much needed entertainment.

I suppose that’s what sets artists like David and Natasha apart from the pack. On top of entertaining, they communicate. They make an explicit desire and a conscious effort to make art a communal experience — convey something real for them, something they feel, something that reaches out … something that fuels them.

One may get enamoured with trends or fads but communication is there and it changes us in some ways. Some profound, some flitting. But there is that rare instance when communication changes us in lasting ways.

I think that is something worth risking.

Dr. Paul Garfinkel, CEO Centre for Mental Wellness says it best –

Artists are, in essence, alchemists. Like the wise druids of folklore, they have found a way to transform the mercury of their thoughts, memories and emotions into the gold of art, story and song.

In the glitz-ridden, more-is-more Hollywood music industry, artists like David and Natasha who dare go against the grain and voice out their opinions, deserve our respect and support.

And it wouldn’t hurt to hope for a collaboration between the two of them, right? 🙂