The Stage!

TOSOD Asian Tour Edition on display


I was coming about 7 pm (the event started about 4 pm), the field was wet and muddy after a short rain at 4:30ish. Managed standing in approximate 5 meter away from the stage and there’s 4 more local performances to go before David.

Still enjoyed the first, Afgan, he is a good singer, a year older than David, I think. But for the next three performance, many David fans were chatting … david … david … david …, before and after the performances. I felt sorry for the performers, but they should give outstanding (instead of average) performance to beat the waiting someone-else audiences, especially when the audiences are tired standing. Actually they were not bad at all, and the show must go on…

Then, David time came up. All the audiences’ feelings were out … You can see it here in my first video.

I don’t want to details each song performance because you have known already from the videos. I like them all. My favorites are LAH, MH, FS, EAM and WFM. I was expecting see live performance of Complain but it’s not on the songs list for that night. Hopefully in KL next week David will sing it.

In brief, the show is aaamazing, worth waiting and worth standing with all of our shoes full with mud. David looked more mature, own the stage (keeps running around), enjoy getting closer to the audience, looks comfortable all the way, and ready to show his talent to the World. What a proud fan I am.

It’s also interesting to share that, as you have seen that Indonesian fans were singing along with 80% out of tune (including me, … guilty) and too loud from where I was standing. The reason is (yes we do like singing David’s songs but we more like see and hear Davis singing) more because before David came up the host said please show your excitement to the guest star by siiiiing alooong, show that Indonesia loves the guest star to make the guest star want to come back to Indonesia. If we want David coming back to have his own concert in Indonesia so siiiiing alooong.
We did our job. So … David, we are ready for your next concert in Indonesia, at anytime.
(So sorry if the out of tune siiiiing alooong things annoying to hear in the videos but we have reason!).

Enjoy …

Sorry if that too long.

I manage to record 17 of 18 songs. I missed the Black Bird. Hope still ok. 3 Videos are uploaded in YT, others to follow soon.

The Setlist

01 STR
04 Love Don’t Hate
06 SBL
07 TMH
09 GGTT-MIAB Mash-up w/ band intro
10 My Hands
11 Blackbird
12 Falling Stars
13 WFM
14 Everything & More
15 Elevator
16 Zero Gravity
17 ATM
18 Crush

Performance Vids

While we wait for the per song recordings of the concert, here is the
UStreamed video thanks to @scpancake & @Salamahafifi

OK, here are the best videos out there from the concert –

01 STR cr puriduaenam

01 STR cr rusharr

02 TOSOD cr puriduaenam

03 ALTNOY cr puriduaenam

04 LDH cr puriduaenam

04 LDH thanks to booradleigh

05 EWTRTW cr puriduaenam

05 EWTRTW thanks to booradleigh

05 EWTRTW thanks to Nich188

06 SBL cr puriduaenam

06 SBL cr Nich188

07 TMH cr puriduaenam

07 TMH cr Nich188

08 MKOP cr puriduaenam

08 MKOP cr Nich188

09 GGTT-MIAB Mash-up w/ band intro cr puriduaenam

09 GGTT-MIAB Mash-up w/ band intro cr Nich188

10 My Hands cr puriduaenam

10 My Hands cr Nich88

10 My Hands backstage view cr sis2chic

11 Blackbird cr Nich188

12 FS cr puriduaenam

12 FS cr Nich188

12 FS backstage view cr sis2chic

13 WFM cr puriduaenam

13 WFM cr Nich188

14 EAM cr puriduaenam

14 EAM thanks to booradleigh

14 EAM thanks to Nich188

15 ELEVATOR cr puriduaenam

16 ZG cr puriduaenam

16 ZG backstage view cr sis2chic


17 ATM cr puriduaenam

18 CRUSH cr puriduaenam

18 CRUSH thanks to booradleigh

DA’s impromptu performance of SBM during dinner from Urbanite

Concert Pix

First photo @ the concert site (photo credit: @absolutraia)

At the M&G

He is ooooonstage!

"There’s something ’bout love that tears you up.. Whoa oh oh.. It sets you free.." -David Archuleta

Hunkerdoooowwwn during My Hands

Singing Falling Stars (photo credit:@DeaLightful)

"Works For Me" indeed! (photo credit: @Dealightful)

01 More EYE-CANDIES from Various Sources (Pond’s teens, @scpancake, @Dealightful)

Visiting the Indonesian Archipelago in the Museum Gajah

Visiting the Indonesian Archipelago in the Museum Gajah

After Visiting the Indonesian Archipelago in the Museum Gajah