David was spotted last night at Club 57 in Manhattan, located at a venue called Providence, currently the city’s hottest, wildest Saturday night party for the men-who-love-men crowd (pics from a recent night there above). According to Time Out New York, where the opening of the club night was reviewed late last year:

All sorts of boys were streaming into Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio’s newish midtown adventure on Saturday night—twinkie, trendy, trannie, circuity, Sam Champion—to sample the different levels of clubby fun at Providence. DJ Mike Cruz worked it for the main floor with joyful, energetic beats from his chandelier-level perch, while DJ Lina (sexy in a royal-blue dress) got the nearby lounge moving with a soulful set. And a towering, space-age-clad Epiphany popped onstage down in the Triumph Room to break up a jammin’ DJ Xavier set that had the floor jam-packed from midnight on. Oh, and did we mention how hot the boys were?

So, was David bumping and grinding with some steamy Dominican muscle man? Hardly. David was there with his friend Charice, who performed a dance remix of her current hit single, “Pyramid” at the coveted 1:30 a.m. spot. Reportedly, however, Charice and her entourage, which included David and his old band mate Eli, did do something terribly scandalous after the performance: They went to a local Pinkberry for ice cream.

The ground is certainly shifting under Archuworld, what with David displaying some real independence, and making choices that, while hardly questionable (it would be far more questionable for a pop performer who is serious about their career to not become familiar with the gay club scene), are nevertheless choices that would have been virtually unthinkable a year ago. And although I expect all kinds of hand-wringing from certain factions of the fan community at this news, I think it all ultimately amounts to a big “so what,” other than the fact that it is yet another indication of David’s new-found liberation and maturity. And that can only be good.

Here’s the Charice performance (introduced by a platinum blond drag queen).