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The rumors started late last year. Then sometime in December, David himself started mentioning about returning to Manila very soon. But who knew it would be this soon, for real, and for this extended period? After all, he was here for his 1st solo Manila concert at SMART Araneta just a little over five months ago. I mean, could we in Manila be THAT lucky? And on the cusp of his impending 2-year sabbatical for his mission? Factoring all of these into consideration, this return trip has become more significant. Uber valuable.

val·ue (vly)
1. An amount, as of goods, services, or money, considered to be a fair and suitable equivalent for something else; a fair price or return.
2. Monetary or material worth.
3. Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; utility or merit.
4. A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable


An artist of worth

Value is undeniably something that David consistently brings to the table. Whether it be a performance, a charity event, an interview, a basketball game or a simple session with fans, David brings some “thing” to his engagement that makes it magical, unforgettable – a heightened experience. That there is something intangibly special around David is an observation commonly shared by those who spend time with him.

The only explanation I could think of is because not only is he an artist of worth, he is a person of substance. And he brings all that into a committed point in time. End result: you feel you got more than you expect or at times, more than you deserve.

You can see it in the way he treats others. In the way he regards an experience. In the manner he marks his moments. In the care when he chooses his songs. He does not just mouth lyrics to get a hit or to sound hip. He makes sure that the message of the song is at par with his artistic and ethical standards.

For when he is engaged, you sense that he is in it, full time (of course, except when there is a or chicken running around him, LOL) . That’s why you can also feel that he does not dismiss any encounter. To paraphrase what he once said, whether good or bad, every thing can be an opportunity to learn.

So possibly the most random star in the planet is also the most deliberate in his choices. Such an enigma.

His most recent twin decisions – (1) to go on a mission full time and (2) accept the TV5 offer – are perfect examples of choices sitting at the opposite ends of a swinging pendulum. And that description covers the reactions of fans worldwide, as you can imagine.

The depth of the word “Kapatid”

“Kapatid” is Tagalog for brother or sister or sibling. It is also used in church circles for a localized concept of church family life. It’s even used to send out messages of political unity.

Why the term “kapatid”? It is actually composed of two words–“ka” and “patid.”

“Patid” refers to the umbilical cord that needs to be cut during birth. “Patid” means cut from. When another person used or uses that same umbilical cord as we did in birth, he or she has got to be your brother or sister. When you share the same cord and were severed from the same, that makes you “ka-patid.” It means you shared the same womb. It means you shared the same life and same sustenance.

~ Juancho “Choy” Gaerlan
Philippines Insider

According to Wikipedia, “TV5 is a major commercial television network in the Philippines solely owned by MediaQuest Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company headed by business tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP). Its parent company, the Associated Broadcasting Company, also owns and operates other media properties, including the news channel AksyonTV, and news radio station DWFM in Quezon City.”

The surprise acquisition of David into TV5’s stable of talents is part of the network’s aggressive campaign to further boost its steady growth since MVP came on board in 2010. This was also the time TV5 adopted its new campaign, branding itself as the “Kapatid” (“sibling”) network.

David met with some of TV5’s top honchos in a contract signing held at EDSA Shangri-la to formalize his upcoming project with TV5. Present in the signing were TV5 President and CEO lawyer Ray C. Espinosa and Executive Vice President and COO Roberto V. Barreiro.

But as pointed out by Nestor Torre in his January 24 article in Inquirer, “Archuleta is only the latest in a long line of foreigners who have starred in local TV-film productions. Back in the ’50s, American Joan Page appeared in some local movies, as did Russian Nikki Ross … Beauty titlists from other countries who’ve top-billed Filipino productions include Johanna Raunio (who costarred with Chiquito in a mermaid movie), Amparo Muñoz, and most successfully, Dayanara Torres (once married to Marc Anthony), who not only acted with Aga Muhlach but also fell in love with him, and had her own local TV dance show, to boot.

So how will TV5 differentiate this project from previous foreign acts? Better yet, how will TV5 parlay the Archuleta brand to engage fans and spectators, thereby creating more value for its target audience and for its organization?

TV5 gets it

Since this is David’s 4th time to visit Manila, fans have extensive experience when it comes to dealing with the organizers that bring him in. And let me tell you, this has been the most welcoming, respectful and affirmative experience I have ever had with a David organizer. Sony Philippines, Ivory, Astroplus and Odyssey are of course notable for their inclusive approach when it comes to fans. Like them, TV5 simply gets it! Given our previous DALIM experiences, this is really a welcome change.

I am quite certain though that TV5’s treatment and reception of the fans’ involvement is in no small measure a direct reflection of Mr. Archuleta’s desires and wishes. And as such, the experience becomes uplifting and more meaningful. The Archuletor has spoken and TV5 is listening. Muchos gracias!

By their respectful and welcoming attitude towards fans, TV5 recognizes that Archie fans and spectators are a crucial support in producing their desired results. We play a meaningful role in value creation since fans are the “demand” and are able to drag or influence friends, colleagues, family, etc. to “Nandito Ako” events.

But not only are we the “demand”, Archie fans are the real activators of the potential demand of this project. We are the direct consumers of this type of service offered by TV5 and we assume an important economic value in achieving this project’s success.

This in part was one of the highlights of my talk with Sir Perci while at the airport waiting for David to arrive: why the TV5 organization, by word and deed, astutely puts a premium on fan involvement. A concert is a once-off event. You buy a ticket, attend the show and whether you are satisfied or not, you have contributed already in realizing the targets of the organizer.

That is not the case with “Nandito Ako”. As it is a tele-series, its triumph depends on a much broader and extended set of variables. Unlike a once-off concert, a tele-series requires a more enduring patronage for it to be considered a success.

Let’s face it, “Nandito Ako” is already a sensation as it is. No surprise in that. Fans here and abroad have consumed every morsel of news and rumors we can get our hands on. It has been covered by local and international media. #FollowArchuleta, #NanditoAko have trended worldwide.

The Archie fan community do not only support David by following his song releases or concerts. The support is well documented through the fan clubs and fan sites/blogs where we can speak our mind, our voices heard and contribute to promoting anything-David.

We interact with the the artist’s management or label and other stakeholders (publicists, official site representative, family members, coach, local distributors, DJs, site admins etc.), and somehow, we get involved indirectly in their strategic choices.

Hence, the fans play a leading role within the social network of an artist by helping to create value through commitment, collaboration and social participation. This makes us a key determinant for the value creation process within TV5’s and David’s social network.

I think TV5 sees this clearly. The challenge lies in sustaining these early wins.

#FollowArchuleta – not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Which brings me to #FollowArchuleta. Huge kudos to TV5 for designing this campaign. It is informative. It is up-to-speed. It is quality news. It caters to the needs of media and other interested parties. It feeds the insatiable appetite of fans about anything David. Especially international fans who cannot participate in the local events. It is fast. It is furious. The updates at times leave me breathless like in a marathon 🙂 #FollowArchuleta is of value.

Given that David Archuleta is an international star, there is high demand for the series’ DVD release, its subtitling or overseas showing. (Sir Perci and I also talked about this which I will discuss in the next thread.) A soap that has not even aired! If this is any indication that TV5 is on the right track in marketing this project, then its success looks extremely promising.

Hopefully, the excitement and goodwill generated by the current promotion will be sustained till the series’ conclusion. My fearless forecast of course is that the premiere will be a hit. Archie fan or not, people will be interested to see how David will come across in his biggest and highly unexpected career move.

The reluctant star, who once loath watching himself on-screen or even seeing his face on photos, plunges into his 1st ever dramatic acting project. And that’s after announcing his decision to go on a two-year full-time mission!

“Nandito Ako” – the glorious theme song

And there is the teleseries’ theme song! TV5 may be in for a loop when the “Nandito Ako” sound track is released. When David sings this live — and David should sing this live [ATTENTION TV5!!!] — it will be EPIC!.

The Kapatid network should leverage this competitive edge WHILE David is HERE in Manila. Aside from adding value to the project’s already impressive start, the live performance will deliver an emotional wallop that no promotional gimmick can ever match.

More importantly, it will be a big disservice to Archuleta himself if TV5 does not plan for him to perform “Nandito Ako” live before he goes back to the US. David is one of the few artists who actually sound a million times better live than a studio recording. And for him to sing this well-loved Tagalog song in the flesh, in front of Filipinos, is the best marketing tool for the teleseries.

Dear TV5, you have a goldmine that even non-Archies will be out to acquire. If there are any qualms about the song being downloaded if sung live prior to the official release in iTunes, you have another surprise coming re the Archie fan community. David is so much loved by his fans that a Gifting Program exists for fans who want a David song but cannot afford it or who are unable to purchase it from their own country. This is done to strike out illegal downloading that only reduces an artist’s potential earnings and ranking. And any self-respecting Archie or Arch Angel will not stand for that.

TV aficionados may regard this special project with David as another glimpse of greater things to come from TV5. It is not far-fetched to expect that in the grand scheme of things, TV5 is gunning for “Nandito Ako’s” inevitable success to translate to improved viewership and heavier patronage, not only for the tele-series but for other TV5 offerings.

If TV5 continues to apply the culture of “Kapatiran” and inclusiveness to their daily business dealings — other networks, be warned.

~ jackryan4DA

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