David’s favorite season is almost upon us 🙂 It would be our 1st Christmas without a David tour. Ah! We have been spoiled by the man..

But before we move on to the ho-ho-ho mode, let’s revisit one of David’s most understated but strikingly shining performance November last year, the CASBAA HK guesting.

David Archuleta (FULL HDTV 320kbps) @ CASBAA HK Cams 1&2 (02 Nov 2011)

Early this year, you may recall that I came across footage of the same performance but from Camera #2 (the front shots), But it didn’t cover “Gotta Get Through This” – his Dedication to Japan number.

Well, what do you know 🙂 I found it today! I wasn’t even actively searching for it…

Gotta get Through This – CASBAA’s Dedication to Japan (Cam #2)

So this REALLY completes our chronicling of David’s CASBAA adventure. What’s good about Cam #2 footage?

Well, it was the camera across the stage, providing the front shots of the mini-concert package. It also captured the audience’s audio reaction and the standing ovation at the end of his performance which we didn’t see from the broadcasted version.

This was a different kind of audience – made up of media moguls, businessmen, high government officials – not your regular cra-zeh Archie concert lot. Yet, the reaction was the same (well, with less screaming that is, LOL).

David just floors you with his talent. Just look at @craigleeson 🙂

No need for gimmicks. No lavish production numbers. Just The Archuletor and his voice, gloriously soaring and gripping you in his velvety smooth, once-in-a-lifetime timbre. Unadulterated Archuleta.

David Archuleta (Cam #2 FULL) @ CASBAA HK (02 Nov 2011)

I hope for more of such performances from him when he gets back. Hope you guys had a joyful Thanksgiving.



ps: I also hope that after talking to a whole lot of people during his Mission, that he will be less bashful for his spiels upon his return to the stage, LOL