It started with this teaser —


Then intriguing tweets from Jay Durias, John Daza & Paolo Bernaldo these past few months, escalating to this…


And from Kari 🙂


And today, 19 Oct 2012, Kari tweeted this:


Is David the most generous artist, or what?


Are You Ready this November?

Ivory Music & Video is preparing something special for this expanded edition of Forevermore. The Rainbow MV will be included + HD versions of all Forevermore MVs in a CD-DVD package.

Despite numerous rumors of something coming up this month or this Saturday (20 Oct), you have to ask why we have yet heard from Ivory, right? Well because it is not happening this month.

Barring any other developments, Ivory’ target is November 2012. The master tapes of Rainbow MV are not yet with MYX so the rumored premiere today is not quite possible. Let’s watch out for Ivory’s announcement. Am sure MYX will also have a teaser and invite to watch before the premiere.

Remember, patience is a virtue 🙂

After another round of drama with a section of the fandom, this sure is a much needed breath of fresh air… The multiplier effect of David’s hard work is simply impressive.

Thank you Kari. Thank you David.

From afar
You move us
You move us
As if you’re near
You keep us breathless
And hold on to what’s dear…


~ jackryan



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