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Happy Birthday Josh Bradley! David got to play Josh in the mini series Nandito Ako in 2012. (TeamArchie) pic.twitter.com/m4ObQCGBVF

Nandito Ako introduced us to a wonderful TV character fashioned after the wishlist and desires (POSSIBLY) of one MyDearWriter. They even share a birthday!
For 25 days/nights, Archies worldwide tuned in for the online streaming of Nandito Ako, enduring long commercial breaks and gyrating promo girls of the game show before the soap. I remember international fans waking up in the wee-hours of dawn to join the streaming party while a group of Archies from Archuleta Philippines attempted to translate the episodes in real-time. Those weeks were the most fun 🙂

TRIVIA: It was both interesting and funny that when we were typing the translation into the chat box, other Archies claimed that I would type ahead of the scenes. They were teasing that I must have a copy of the epis already! LOL

So, I think it is perfect timing to revisit the poignant 1st meeting between Josh and his mom, Cara. Enjoy the clip!



Things that I would wish for Josh? Let me see…

  • More acting projects?
  • One for a romantic-comedy perhaps?
  • On the big screen!
  • Soon AFTER his 2014 Christmas Concert Tour!
  • Oh and one more – a LIVE concert album pleeeeaaase!

    Am quite certain that David’s heightened maturity from his mission experience will help him to further tune in to his feelings and learn to exploit them as a tool for acting. Who knows? Perhaps his next project would be on a bigger screen?!
    To TV5 – Perci Intalan, Ms Joann Banaga, MDW – and Ciso Chan, former Sony Phils executive & the brainchild of the soap idea for David – thank you for bringing David into a place and time we can conjure only in our dreams!

    JB collage
    Happy birthday Josh! See, Nandito Pa Rin Kami 🙂
    What about you guys? What is your birthday wish for Josh?
    ~ JR