Finally! The most anticipated day in Archuland for the year 2013 is upon us 🙂

Some hours ago, for a number of countries, iTunes began its delivery of No Matter How Far, generating an online squee-fest from David Archuleta’s dedicated fans. Some US fans went around the metropolis buying the physical CDs – although for sure these same peeps pre-ordered the album, LOL. Such are the ways of true-blue Archies.

Team Archuleta did a fantastic job pacing the build-up towards the album’s launch date.
From Kari’s very tempting teasers —

sneakpeek 02

sneakpeek 01
to eOne’s periodic tweets —

to the streaming of NMHF on Billboard & AOL —

to the release of Kylie’s animated DRA MV on davidarchuletaVEVO on the eve of the album’s launch —



to the back-to-back dressing-up of the OS & the VEVO channel —

BGODfzQCIAEcJDD.jpg large

And now, a CD contest for the fans!



Will Charting Matter?

As of 3pm (Manila time), NMHF album sits at #16 in the Pop iTunes Charts. Marketing budget may not be a-plenty but this is not bad for an album whose artist is in absentia – at least for the next 12 more months…

It may also be good to note that NMHF arrives exactly a year after the Forevermore album was launched. Sure makes it easy for the fanbase to remember the numerous milestones in David’s young career.

b2balbum mar 26


David’s Liner Notes

Can you think of another artist whose liner notes is as anticipated as David’s?

And he does not disappoint here. His grateful heart cannot contain the bountiful appreciation that he expresses for all the people around him.

digibklet nmhf 04
And of course he saves the best for last — for his fans. WARNING: Read and weep with joy for its sheer poetry —

… Lastly, I want to thank all of you fans. I appreciate your respect for what my focus is for these 2 years, and appreciate all of the messages you have sent my way while being out here. This is another gift to all of you of songs from past projects that weren’t easily available to everyone, and also other songs that are new to you fans that we have pulled out of the vault. Thank you for all you do and for waiting. This is my thanks to you for everything in the past, present, and future. That No Matter How Far, what was in the heart before is still here, and will be here when I return.

¡Muchísimas gracias! ¡Hasta pronto! – David

Yes, I choked and bawled after reading it. Who wouldn’t? Here you are amazed at the extent of planning he made for his 2-year sabbatical from showbiz. Then, you feel blessed knowing that you are not alone, literally counting the days of his return. Plus you terribly miss him. Then KAPOW! You read that last line. WhatTHE???!!!

I have no words enough to express my… I don’t even have a word for it. All I know is I am filled with raw emotions for this guy who has blanketed my virtual alternate life with so much warmth and joy, much more than I feel I deserve. (Note: I’ll Never Go is playing in the background as I write these paragraphs, REALLY!!!!)

¡Muchísimas gracias, David! ¡Hasta pronto to you, too! (Hasta pronto means “see you soon”)

AND YOU MY DEAREST BETTER BE PREPARED for the deluge of love, affection and crazeh-ness that will come your way upon your return. Believe me Mr. Archuleta. If you think you have seen love from your fans, dude, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Let me leave you TDC with some more pics from the album 🙂

digibklet nmhf 02

NMHF blue 01

DA NMHF pic 01

DA NMHF pic 02

NMHF blue 03

BGS727pCQAA3I49.jpg large


NO MATTER HOW FAR – available from iTunes, Amazon, Sears, Bars & Noble, WOW HD and many more. Get your copies now!

~ jackryan