There were a couple of things that Jeff said that gave me some encouragement about his current relationship with David. One was, “He really doesn’t need a lot of help from me, he knows what he wants.” That doesn’t sound to me like a man who is looking to imprint his own stamp on anything.

Mamma Josie (pictures just don’t convey how youthful and beautiful she is) had me hysterical with her entreaties to Jeff on getting David to change up the horrendous wardrobe the clueless AI stylists have saddled him with. “I can’t really tell him that,” Jeff said, which impressed me immensely. The man obviously knows where his boundaries are. I suggested that the reason David won’t make a change is because he doesn’t want to offend the stylist. Jeff agreed.

Jeff is visible at this point because he is required to be by law. That is not to say that he is not actively engaged with David’s career and involved in his current album production–Jive no doubt views Jeff as David’s manager, whether or not that is an official title. He was extremely complimentary about Jive’s deference to David’s artistic inclinations, his song selections, and even his views on production choices and directions. David is clearly being given a major role in all aspects of the work.

One of the most exciting things about the efforts underway is David’s contributions to songwriting. According to Jeff, four or five of David’s songs have already been recorded, and remain in serious contention for inclusion on the album. That’s a pretty major development, in my view, one that holds exciting implications for the trajectory of David’s career–not to mention his finances.