Since no one really knows what David’s future looks like, and yet we all are so highly invested, it is important to understand the reason behind individual responses to “WHAT-IF?”

At the heart of this is a shared commonality — we, every one of us, are deeply invested in David’s success. We love him.

At the same time, we see the path to David’s success and the milestones to indicate progress through the varying lenses of personal perspective. Thus, we have diverging opinions when faced with uncertainty about the direction of David’s career.

We also have varying emotional responses to the uncertainty. This is particularly disconcerting when we perceive that an event is potentially career ending. We want to help, we need to fix it!

  • Some of us have reacted to emerging events by worrying and wringing our hands over every “what-if.”
  • Some feel the overwhelming need to jump into the fray of widely diverse commentary and defend or attack.
  • Others go into hibernation, staying away from the moment-to-moment commentary waiting for solid evidence to surface or we decide to completely insulate ourselves from the wonder world of a David fan.
  • In the middle, some have vacillated between hope and despair and all points in between.

“What-ifs” can be fear-inducing or not depending on our viewpoint. “What if” this means something really bad for David? … really good for David?

When we read others’ opinions, they are just that, opinions. Opinions are not truth, opinions are not facts. Opinions laced with strong emotion are powerful and persuasive. Fear is a powerful inducement to believe that an opinion is a fact.

Optimistic, gentle, and watchful waiting opinions are softer strategies in a debate and often get overlooked in an emotionally charged discussion.

Of comfort, facts are results. Truth will always be revealed over time. Results tell it all. Results take time. David will give us the results.

David’s future will unfold as David directs it. David, even in his young years, is a very balanced and potent human being … thus the magnetism of his artistry … thus, why we are here! It is, after all … just David!