There is nothing terribly salacious about a guilty pleasure, it can be chocolate or shopping or MTV’s Jersey Shore – just so long as it’s not exactly edifying but oh-so enjoyable. With the sudden appearance of David performing “Don’t Stop Believing” at the Brut Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, I couldn’t help but wonder… Is David a Glee fan?

I mean, it makes perfect sense — why wouldn’t he be? Everyone I know with even the slightest interest in great voices and performing is, to one degree or another, enchanted with the show. It just seems a little odd that David has never mentioned it, nor has he, to my knowledge, even been asked about it. Glee is certainly an interesting hybrid: wholesome, almost nerdy appeal with fairly progressive elements – teen pregnancy and a prominent (and unflinchingly flamboyant) gay character, for example. Are these aspects what might characterize it as a guilty pleasure for someone whose most public drama is the loss of a beloved stuffed animal and whose brain short-circuits when asked about a fellow idol’s gay stage antics?

“Don’t Stop Believing” has gotten an enormous boost of new popularity as a result of the Glee production, and rightfully so — the tune was ripe for covering, and the Glee arrangement and cast performance is fresh and exhilarating. YouTube has exploded with young performers jumping on the Journey bandwagon.

Try this one on for size:

And here’s the original sequence from Glee: