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(continued from Part 1)

After several minutes, we heard the 1st strain of David’s voice — imploring — from upstairs –

Wait! Don’t…

“OMGaaahhhhh! THAT’S DAVID!!!”, we squealed in unison. Then we heard Aiko! Then, Eula! Then, we heard David talking to Aiko!

Ahhh, we were hearing the 1st take of the “bedroom scene” 😉

DA bedroom scene collage
Then we heard more screaming and more crying… Goodness! Though we could not understand what was being said entirely, we were all silent. Riveted. Especially when we heard the words “I’M SORRY”, “GET OUT” and “ROOM”. When the director shouted “CUT!” there was an explosion of giddy ramblings on what we just heard!

We chorused: Room?! Get out?! I’m sorry!!? WT??!!! What was that all about?! Eula was crying! Why was Ako shouting?! OMGAAHHHHH! They are just a floor above us!

9:30pm, we were already parched and hungry. So we thought of leaving the baskets with Kari, but we could not locate her. Then someone from the production told us that David was done for the day, so we would be seeing him shortly. What do you think happened next? My young “cohorts” scrambled to get their make-up and hair brushes! LMAO

Suddenly, Ferj motioned quietly (but excitedly of course!) that David just descended the stairs. We can see that he was carrying his backpack already. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

A couple of minutes more, Ms. Aiko Melendrez aka Margaret stepped out. She saw our basket of goodies and said, “How sweet. David will like that!” She was so beautiful. And so gracious to to have her pictures taken with the us!

10:00pm, still waiting and in limbo.

Naree called, inquiring what was happening. She wanted to come. She called again and told Ferj that she and Lorma had decided to join us. So we told them that David had packed up and we were just waiting to be called to give him the gifts. They wouldn’t be able to make it on time. Then we saw a heavily-tinted black van leave the premises. We assumed that was Ms. Aiko.

10:30pm, getting antsy.

One of the production crew sat by us. He said that it was nice of us to visit. He saw the gifts & cards addressed to David. “There’s just one problem though… DAVID IS GONE!”

WT?! Imagine our distraught with this news! Like the rug was pulled from under us! I looked for anyone to talk to. I went to the other side of the house where I could see some of the stars and some of the bodyguards. One of the production crew saw me and offered help. My face probably had that don’t-mess-with-me look! LOL

Me: Hi! Just wondering if David is still here?
PA: Yes, he is still here. You’d like to see him?
Me: Is that possible! (somehow my head could not wrap around the fact how easy this is!)
PA: Come! I’ll take you to him…
Me: What?! REALLY?! Wait! (incredulous). Am with a group. I’ll get them! Do-do-DON’T go A-N-Y-where, ok?
PA: Sure! (laughing)

As fast as lightning, we were finally ushered to the “inner sanctum” – the basketball court where the stars’ quarters and lounging area had been put up. Some of the supporting actors who played household helps were there. So we grilled them on how David was doing. They did not seem impressed by his acting at first. But they said that it was still too early to tell but he was really very nice, humble and very hard working. “Walang ka-ere-ere”, they chorused 🙂 Translation: David has no airs.

Well, their feedback on his acting was understandable since the shooting just started. Weeks later, the same peeps saw how much he grew into the role. But the biggest impression he made with them at that point was his humility and kindness to all those he was working with.

David’s Macky!

While waiting we got glimpses of David inside his quarters. He seem to be having a meeting with Kari. We didn’t want to disturb him any further so I asked Macky whom I met at the airport welcome, if he could just hand over our gifts to David. He gave me a quizzical look and said to just wait. “They’re just choosing pictures… He will be out soon,” Macky said in his signature poker face. (Note: Macky was David’s personal assistant while in Manila)

So I went back to the group and told them what Macky told me. AGAIN, another mad scramble for make-up and retouching. I could only shake my head and chuckle!

11pm – Like the red sea parting, (at least that was how it played in my head, LOL), the tent’s curtain parted and from it emerged David. “Hey you guys!”, came his greeting with the biggest of smiles!

(IN MY HEAD) How the heck could he look that fresh! He has been working the whole day! Goodness!

One – David was so touched by our gifts. Two – he was very incredulous on how we found them! I could not help but LOL at his expression of disbelief.

Then HE asked if we want to have pictures with him! We could not contain our joy. I swear they squealed like kids on helium! Kari was so supportive as she looked on the excited Archies while I took their pictures with David.
DA w Ferj&Joyce


Major Spazzing

Inclusive of the photo opp, I think David spent about 5 precious minutes with us. He was so gracious and thoughtful despite the long day he had. I could be wrong but I think we were the 1st group of fans he received in that location shoot. Totally unexpected. It was heartwarming to see that he was likewise excited to see us. Curious how far we traveled.

After explaining what we have for him, we bid him goodbye. Shouting our farewells, thank yous & take cares as he climbed his van. Once the van’s door closed, major spazzing ensued LMAO. Meantime, a couple of his security detail remained in the premises amused with our fangirling. One even joined us in our picture taking.


Curiosity Killed the Cat – I WISH!

DA CR 2 doors small As we were taking more pictures of our inanities, Feeshda noticed a David sign across the lawn. We walked towards the signage and saw this ——>> DA CR solo small

Oooh… Ahhhh… , we chorused. Cameras all a-flashing!

Then someone enjoined us to check out the room – just as long as we didn’t disturb anything. A couple of Archies had a jolly time “inspecting” the room/portalet. After them, I figured, what the heck! I stuck my head inside for a peek while thinking “What in the world are we doing?????!!!! Oh, this looks nice…” I liked it that extra care was given for his comfort 🙂

Then, I was snapped from my revery when I heard someone “whispered-yelled” a familiar name. (That’s the best I could describe the sound). “Oh that’s me!” to my surprise. When I turned around, Ferj was frantically pointing to something…


David. Some distance away. Chuckling! Giggling! Apparently. But all I saw at that time was his back as he walked back to the house. But not before I spied a suppressed laugh…

I WANTED TO DIE ON THE SPOT! Wishing the ground would open up and swallow me whole, then and there, STAT!

For a fan, it sure is a high point for your idol to remember you, right? BUT. LIKE. THIS? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Of all the times? After all our interactions? THIS??!! Arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!

ME: Did he? Ferjjjjjj! What did he see?
Ferj: I was already calling you when he was fast approaching. But you couldn’t/didn’t hear me. (between bouts of laughter)
Me: Was he mad? Offended? OMG Ferjjjjjjj! Did hesay anything
Ferj: No, no, no! Tita, he was laughing! Totally amused. (Assuring me)

The girls found the whole thing hysterical. Even security. Even bossing/guard. They were LOL at the situation. At my reaction. “Stop! It’s not funny!” I exclaimed. The more I protested, the more they laughed. Actually, they were already crying from laughing too much.

It appeared that David came back for who knows what and chanced upon our “little excursion”.

Thank goodness he didn’t see the others taking their kodak moments in his “room”.

Just ME. Simply taking a peek… What happened next? The girls gave me a group hug. Assuring me that it wasn’t bad at all. That David actually found it funny… Ferj imitated David. Again. DIIIEESSSS.

Then I scooted all of us quickly to our car to get the heck out of there! I wasn’t keen on seeing Mr. Archuleta again that night! Can you blame me?


Curiouser and Curiouser

Interesting bit but still a mystery to this day: So while the girls were busy getting their bags/purses from the car trunk, David’s van stopped by our side. Remember that we parked a little farther away from the shooting location because of the various vehicles parked for the shooting. But at that time, the street was almost deserted.

So, we likewise stopped what we were doing. I didn’t know whether to hide or to approach the van cos why would they stop exactly by our side? We were sort of holding our breaths… just looking at each other. Suddenly the van moved away….

Amidst the hurried and harried schedule of David’s stay in Manila, this incident was forgotten. I just saw it in my notes as I was writing this. What do you think?

Time: Midnight


A Riot of a Ride on Our Way Home

By the time we hit the highway again, this group of Arch Angels was having a party inside a small sedan, high on the totally unexpected meet and greet with The Archuletor.

Who knew we would spend some precious time with him?
He was sweet, as always.
Gracious, as always.
Funny, as always.
Unbelievably gorgeous, as always.
He was so relaxed. Yet upbeat!
And thoughtful, as always. He even asked how we were getting home. MELTS.
Touched by us being there; By what we brought for him & Kari…
Incredulous that we actually spent time for him.
Silly David, as always.

Naree called. They were wondering why we have not texted or twitted anything. Naree was beside herself missing the chance to see David on location, especially when she learned that we saw him much later than expected.

So I promised her I would bring her to the next taping available to us. Another ninja mission in the horizon, LOL.

WAIT! What did I just commit to? I thought out loud — Can I still face David? Will he remember? Should I get a haircut? Oh, never mind. By that time, David would have forgotten tonight, I bet.

The girls started laughing all over again. Reminding me that it was already the 21st of January. That we will be seeing David REAL SOON — as in that afternoon for the 1st Nandito Ako Mall Tour in SM Fairview.

I turned red beet as the scene earlier replayed in my head. With Ferj imitating David laughing, the round of teasing started all over again!

Imagine him doing this plus the one below


Imagine him doing this plus the one below


So I thought: YIKES! I better get my hair colored to go with that haircut then!

Time I reached home: 1:30am


ps: UP NEXT: 2nd BTS recap, this time with Naree & Lorma. This 2nd taping escapade is one for the books, GAH!