deegee1David and Gavin Degraw in Atlanta. Photo thanks to SnarkyArchies.

I’m totally diggin’ that David got perform and hang out with Gavin Degraw. I predicted David would blog about him, and he did. These guys have a lot in common, even though their styles veer off in different directions. Gavin is more Memphis with a folk/indie-rock feel, while David inclines toward Detroit soul, but they are both firmly blues based. What I think they have most in common is an authenticity that audiences connect with in a more visceral way than some of the slicker, more manufactured pop performers. Who else on the Jingle thingy rosters could wow an audience with self accompaniment alone?

Randomality: The president of my agency mentions in a meeting yesterday that his wife and daughter attended the Jingle Ball at MSG. “Oh, what did they think?” I asked, with as much nonchalance as I could muster while perching on the edge of my seat. “They said the best ones were Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, and… who was that other one…?”

By now I’m holding my breath.

“Oh, yeah: David Archuleta.”

Yes, folks, the world is beginning to catch up.