It is a known fact that behind every work of art, literature or music, there is usually an underlying theme or premise upon which an artist hinges his/her body of work. While on the surface most performers in music can produce a theme-based album, for the most part it is either limited to the title of the artist, in which case all we get is a reflection of their personal taste in music, or a main title track.

In the case of David Archuleta, I believe his music straddles two ideals – physical and spiritual. In his self-titled debut album, to the casual listener, it is made glaringly obvious on a physical level (eyes and ears), that David intentionally chose to include songs with mostly upbeat, positive messages. In any further reading of his biography, that casual listener can then easily connect the dots, and come to the conclusion that his song choices may simply be a reflection of his personal values. Case closed.

Case closed? With David Archuleta? Not quite so fast. So now that you’ve oohed and ahhed over the beauty of his voice, and hit that repeat play button a couple times, you wake up one day and realize that in the span of a short time….there is something more here than meets the eye, and before you know it – your heart is also engaged.

We’ve known all along that David is an especially emotive performer. His first tour (de force) performances on Youtube have now revealed to even us die-hard fans, a never-before seen glimpse of a performer with something more to give – his heart…And oh what a heart it is. Now that our hearts and his have merged we come to the crux of the other underlying ideal expressed in his body of work: spiritual. This one may not be as blatant as the other physical ideal, but is there nevertheless. David’s spiritual message is this – Don’t Let Go!

Not only is this message lyrically repeated in many of his set list songs – My Hands, Waiting For Yesterday, Don’t Let Go, but now David is relaying the message in more subtle ways. He literally takes us on a journey with his burgeoning performance skills – the care he gives to enunciate each word because they carry an important message. If you missed that, there are always his hand motions. With this lovely pas de deux in play, he then sets us down gently back to earth, like a dancer – letting go of us one finger at at time but still with the admonition – Don’t give up, no matter what you’re going through, it’s going to be okay – you’re not alone, we’re in this together. Upon reflection, David probably did not have to look too far for inspiration, after all, he had to persevere through vocal paralysis and not let go of his desire to pursue a singing career.

It’s one thing to produce an album with upbeat songs. However, it is entirely another matter when the artist actually cares about the emotional well-being of his listeners as well.

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Lyrics to Don’t Let Go
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