Since we first heard the rumblings of a solo tour, we have wondered what a David Archuleta tour would be. We worried about the type of venue. We pondered whether said venues would be suitable for our burgeoning star. We fretted over mosh pits. Questioned whether to mosh or not to mosh. Whether to throw caution to the wind and fly cross country to see one more show.

Once the tour started, we wondered whether the critics would be fair. We wondered whether he would be able to endure such a whirlwind tour, his first solo tour ever. Most of all we probably wished, wondered, prayed whether ‘they’ would love him like we do.

So now we know (vicariously for many) it is better to mosh, than never to have moshed at all. We know that this young man is a force, and although he may be compact in stature, he is strong, vital, and equipped to meet all challenges. We know that the stage is where his magic is made. We know the critics can’t help but tip their collective hat, and give a nod to him because he is the real deal.

Some of us are actually having a little separation anxiety. Our beloved is about to show the world (well at least parts of Asia and the U.K.) what we already know: that David Archuleta is a multi-faceted, once in a lifetime, extraordinary talent. So fans in Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, hang on to your seats. Watch out McFly fans. You are about to be amazed.

We’ve come so far as a fan base. Although we still angst and fret, there is also a feeling of certainty in the air. We know that he won’t be denied. Any worries of Disneyfication, or Montanization dissipate with every strut, every flex, and every beam of that megawatt smile.

Every time he steps on that stage with the growing confidence far exceeding our wildest expectations, we are renewed. We forget all of the worry, the fretting, maybe even a little of the fear. If David had any of the same pre-tour apprehension that we did, it must be gone by now.

His solo tour was sold-out success, with fans traveling from literally around the world to see him. The love he poured out on stage was matched and magnified by the adoring crowds.

So now what? What do we do until he graces that stage again? Until he takes Asia and the U.K. by storm? I say we sip a little Angels Tonic. Follow it with a Barriers Chaser. If that is not enough, I would prescribe a Zero Gravity Mojito. After that I would suggest we just catch our collective breath and exhale. Then we strap ourselves in again, this ride has just begun.