Full Interview of Ms. Libbie Linton wth KSL/Mormon Times, as transcribed by cutter12

Huge thanks to our resident ninja, CUTTER12, who thoughtfully transcribed the interview for the benefit of our Archiekins 🙂

Reporter: How did you get involved with this project with David Archuleta, huge superstar now?
Libbie: Right

Reporter: Kind of random. What’s the story behind it?
Libbie: It all happened very quickly. The basic story is that- one morning I got an email and they asked me to do it and I did it that afternoon. So it was very fast, but how I ended up on it, I’m not even 100% sure. My guess is I’ve done a few, other projects with Deseret Book and I do know that David have heard some of that stuff and he suggested me as another option, as an option for this track.

Reporter: So, when did you record the song?
Libbie: It was in June, I believe. Yeah.

Reporter: And what was it like recording with a world renowned singer?
Libbie: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him. I didn’t get to actually get to sing it with him. He had already sang it and I came in after and sang my portion. But, to sing on a track for a world renowned singer was a new experience. It was something I was very excited and felt very fortunate to do.

Reporter: What does it mean to you recording, even though you guys didn’t necessarily in the booth together, just singing the song with a person of your faith?
Libbie: One of the things about David is he is an emotional singer. You can hear that he means what he’s singing. And on this song as I was listening to it, you can feel that it means something to him as he’s singing, and thinking about him on a mission and at the MTC that comes through, recording that before he left, it all meant something to him.

Reporter: So, does that resonate with you?
Libbie: Yeah, its all supported. It makes you feel what he was feeling. It carries through, through the music.

Reporter: We don’t really know why the song is being released right now, with David on his mission. They never gave you the scoop, huh?
Libbie: No, I never got the scoop, I assumed that his fans want more music and two years would be a long time to go without it. It would be good timing to get another album in the mean time before he comes back. So, that’s what I assume, and also, I get the impression from the song selection that it did mean something. That he had something to say as he was leaving, that he wanted to record.

Reporter: Do you think recording this song right before he left on his mission had a special meaning to David, because it talks about not giving up?
Libbie: Right, and the female part of it is we’re proud of who you are and the lyrics there would definitely speak to somebody in a transition point of their life, doing something that takes some courage and some strength to do.

Reporter: What is the song about?
Libbie: There is a male vocal and a female vocal. The male vocal is a little bit more, dealing with hard times and the female vocal is trying to provide support to the counterpart. So its really just a supportive back & forth type song, a duet between a male and female vocal.

Here again is the HD version of the Mormon Times feature on David Archuleta’s BEGIN. w/ Libbie

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