“Apologize” from the Tacoma show. Dare I say it? Is our little David bringin’ the smexy?

Caseydog is one of our regular commentators and a working journalist for a prominent northwest newspaper. He got a chance to sit down with David for a few minutes at the Tacoma show and filed this report exclusively for notingDavid. Thanks, Caseydog!

Good morning, Angels!

I decided I owe you all a better account of the interview I had with David yesterday afternoon. Here are my assembled Archie “tweets,” as well as some other added tidbits. I only had him for about five minutes. And I had more questions we didn’t have time for – Dang it!

Before I get started though, I have to say it was kind of surreal sitting down at a table and talking to a person I’ve “idolized” from afar for more than five months. My good fortune to actually be chatting with the person from the talent show video (“I’ll Be”) and the Mormon youth assembly (“Angels”) didn’t really hit me until it was all over – way too quickly. (BTW, each idol only does press on alternate tour stops, so I was lucky that this was David’s day!)

Keep in mind that I was doing this for my newspaper as part of my job, so it would have been out to place to tell him how much I enjoy his singing or ask for his autograph. No photos were allowed in this press room. (And no, Jeff Archuleta was not hovering behind him. He was nowhere to be seen.)

David was brought over to my table and we were introduced. I shook his hand. He seemed a bit tired, and I guess he was more soft-spoken than usual because he was told to rest his voice.

I asked him if he’d been to Seattle before and he said he had, visiting relatives. He was trying to remember the town around here where the kids have to take a boat to school. He thought it was Valencia, but I’m not aware of any town in the state with that name. This was classic David rambling time. At one point I said we kinda have to move on with the questioning and he said his classic “Sor-ree.”

I told him I thought he must get tired of the same old questions all the time, so I thought we’d try something different. “Ice cream or frozen yogurt?” I said. He kind of gave me a quizzical look and I said which do you prefer. “Neither!” He said he loved ice cream, but about a month ago he stopped eating dairy because it’s known to increase the amount of phlegm. Gotta keep that voice pure!

“Video games or board games?” Archie said video, “but it depends. I like Scrabble and Boggle too.”

“City or country?” Again he waffled, saying he liked both for different reasons. He said he loves getting out in the outdoors, but that he loves the cities too.

Then it was on to the more meaty stuff. I asked how he felt about the upcoming shows in Salt Lake City. He said it’s always nice to go back and see his family be home again, that he’s really excited about it. Hmm. I couldn’t help but think he still has not grasped the extent of his popularity. Won’t SLC be off the charts INSANE? He’s too modest to admit something like that though.

Then I asked him how the new album was going. He said he was working on it on his off days. I asked him if he has to fly to LA to record or do they come to him. He said it was some of both.

He said the biggest eye-opener for him has been all the various aspects of the album-making process: meetings with the label, talking to songwriters and producers, the intensity of “laying down the various tracks” of a song. He said it was much more detail-oriented than the iTunes recording sessions.

He said he spent a lot of time going over the lyrics of the songs to make sure they were appropriate, and then tried to work on the music that accompanies the lyrics and singing. He implied that the instrumentation for the iTunes recordings was almost an afterthought – not so with the new album. That’s good news for his fans who had to live with things like sleigh bells in his iTunes recordings.

David used the phrase “right balance” to describe the type of songs on his album. He certainly wants “radio-friendly” songs that are “catchy,” but there need to be message songs too. He kind of rambled a bit on this too, but it was clear he was really putting a lot of thought into crafting the right mix. He said he wanted it to be soulful too, bringing up John Mayer again.

I told him the presales on his unnamed album shot him up to No. 4 on Amazon. He seemed to indicate he knew about that, but I’m not totally sure. I told him Coldplay was No. 1, and he immediately diverted the topic to Coldplay rather than his own album. David said he loved Coldplay and would love for his songs to have a “big sound” like that.

About this time the handler was hovering over David and we got the hint and said goodbye. I could have used another hour!

It was a joy to meet him and learn a little more about him. Years (or maybe only a few months) later when he’s a worldwide superstar, I will be able to look back and say, “In July 2008 I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with David. I’m sure I’ll never forget the experience.”