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After much consideration Archuleta FanScene has decided to close this main website.

We aren’t going away! We will still be supporting David in what ever endeavors he chooses upon his return, we will just no longer be doing so on this fansite which has become difficult, time consuming and costly to maintain and keep running. Our host server says we have already gone over our limit and will need to once again upgrade to yet an even higher server level or expect ongoing “crashes” … this will just worsen as more content is added in the future.

We are sorry for those of you who had relied on this website to get succinct information in the past and where hoping to do so in the future. However, we feel that David’s Official Website is still the best source for the “need to know” real news as well as any information that David wishes for his fans to know.

This site will be up for just a couple of weeks – so please feel free to browse through the archives and save any of the articles you may want. Click on the “Archive” image below. If we have time we may be reposting some of our past original content articles on the Facebook page.


I would like to send a special thank you to the AFS Team for being a pioneering force in supporting David Archuleta, our artist of choice and a person of inspired outcomes.

Although I have been a fan of David since his Star Search days (yeah that’s how long he has been in my radar, LOL! Manila used to air Star Search whenever a Pinoy was competing. At that time David’s rival was Mark Mejia) but I only started my internet journey in 2008 🙂

AFS and Snarkies were the fan sites I initially discovered. Noting David, the precursor to TDC came in next 🙂 The AFS Team’s special coverage, exclusive contents and emphasis on charitable endeavors supported by David are what distinguished AFS from the pack.

I only learned that there were actual David fans in Manila in 2009 in time for that epic David C-David A. mega concert. (Chuckling) I thought I was alone in Manila insanely trying to make sense of my ODD – unknown to at a time that such a sweet affliction even had a name!

So receiving this news from AFS makes me nostalgic and melancholy.

To my AFS friends and ArchuKins, thank you once again. Glad that it is not entirely goodbye.
~ JR