Isn’t it nice to hear from him? Plenty of nuggets from his 1st blog

I understand I have not been very open about what I have been up to with updates, blogs, pictures, and all of that, but I have been trying my best to share as much as what feels right. You are getting to know who I really am: someone who hates being the center of attention, likes quiet and away time, and doesn’t mind being alone, unless with a couple of people at a time to really get one-on-one time with close friends and family.

I am David. I love life; I love learning; I love sharing; and music is a way I express my passions and what is important to me. Obviously I want to get that out to as many people as possible, but it’s worthless to me if I only do it for the secondary goal of getting music out to as many people as possible and giving up the prime reason of sharing who I am, my art, my passion, and what matters most to me.

I know I may disappoint people for not being as interactive as before or who I showed myself as before, but man is it refreshing to not have to apologize for who I am and care about upsetting people anymore just because I am not what they want or expect me to be.

To understand where the music is coming from, you have to understand where I am coming from personally as well… I hope the music that comes will be something that you can feel is real.

So now I wonder: When he was in Manila for months, was the comfort and “blossoming” we saw more of pleasing more people than being himself? And he said he can’t act?! (weak smile)

In any case, am sure that fans will always wish the best of him and will always be thrilled that he is at last comfortable in his own skin enough to declare it.

Be sure to comment on David’s blog on his site as another way of welcoming him 🙂

~ JR